Mom Working Home

7 Reasons Why Being a Stay at Home Mom is Harder than Working in an Office

Who works harder? The stay at home Mom or the working outside the home Mom? While we think both work really hard, the stay at homes get our vote. Why? It’s 24/7 It’s non-stop. No coffee break, no one to talk with but a toddler who is teething, no long lunches with the girls. Sometimes [Read On]

Best Age For First Cell Phone

What’s the Best Age for Children to Get Their First Cell Phone?

Cell phone use has risen to such status that when a kid doesn’t have a cell phone they are considered behind the times. Cell phones are great tools in the right hands but the question we’ve been wrestling with is this: At what age should your kid have their first cell phone? Here are the [Read On]

Kids Playing Video Games

Why Video Games for Kids Are a Good Idea

Video games in moderation can be a very good idea for kids. Notice we mentioned moderation. We’re not advocating hours of play nor do we think that violent games are appropriate, especially for younger children. Motor Skills We’ve all tried to play a video game with our kids and have had them beat the pants [Read On]

Good deed

Ways You and Your Kid Can Pay It Forward

Over the past decade we have heard the buzz phrase “random acts of kindness”. It’s been on Oprah and even made into a movie called “Pay It Forward”. But what is it? Paying it forward is when you do something kind for someone else with no strings attached. No obligation, you haven’t been hired to [Read On]


Tips on Helping Your Child Deal with a Bully

Bullies are all around us whether we’re young or old. But it’s kids who have the toughest time dealing with them. Here are some sure-fire ways to gently guide your child when dealing with a bully. Put a Name to It One of the hardest things to do is admit you’re being bullied, that you [Read On]