Vaccines for Babies and Older Kids

Vaccines for Babies and Older Kids

Vaccines provide protection against a host of childhood illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a comprehensive vaccine schedule for children from birth through adulthood, with appropriately timed and spaced immunizations to provide maximum health benefits. Here’s a brief primer on vaccines for babies and older kids. Commit to Vaccines There’s quite a [Read On]

Electronic Educational Toy

How to Choose an Electronic Educational Toy

Choosing toys for your kids presents some unique challenges. You want something stimulating and educational, and you want it to be age-appropriate. Here are some tips on how to choose and electronic educational toy. Battery Power There’s been a recent groundswell of support for non-mechanized toys for kids. The resurgence of wood blocks, plush toys [Read On]

Lost the Baby Weight

How I Lost the Baby Weight: At-Home Workouts

Once your doctor clears you for exercise, the easiest way to exercise is in your home. That’s what I did. There exercises you can do with your baby and there are others you can do close to the crib. However, every pregnancy is different, so you do need to be sure to get doctors permission [Read On]

3 Signs You Might be Pregnant

3 Signs You Might be Pregnant

Alright, so you haven’t missed your period yet, and you’ve got another week before it’s time to wonder where it’s gone. Until that period is missing, how can you figure out whether you’re pregnant? Missing a period is one of the sure signs to worry, but until then, are there other signs you’re missing? These [Read On]

Is Your Newborn Really Ready to Go Home

Is Your Newborn Really Ready to Go Home?

Congratulations, parents, you’ve given birth to a gorgeous new life. After such a long struggle to get things right, and to try and grow a healthy child, it may be worrisome to think that you’ll be taking him or her home with you. Whether you really want to leave the hospital, or wouldn’t mind staying [Read On]