Educational Movies

3 Educational Movies You Must Watch with Your Kids

Most children absolutely love movies, and jump at just about any chance to veg out in front of one. The line is drawn, though, when it comes to educational movies… those all seem to be boring or just not entertaining enough. As parents, we want our children to enjoy learning as they grow, and finding [Read On]

Reasons You Should Keep Your Two Year Old Away From Tablets

5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Two Year Old Away From Tablets

Let’s be real: kids these days are different, entertainment is different, and technology is everywhere. The world is at our fingertips with our smart devices, and all of this is just as available to our kids as it is to us. We, however, like to think we know how to handle it in moderation; kids [Read On]

Antibiotic Myths Still Common Among Parents

Four Antibiotic Myths Still Common Among Parents

When it comes to a child being sick, you want to have the most correct and up to date information regarding treatment at your fingertips. As with most other issues that change and develop with time and technology, medicine tends to leave some folks behind; these folks remain confused about what works and what doesn’t. [Read On]

Baby Criying

3 Signs Your Child Is Over Stressed

When we think about childhood, we tend to assume it is a stress-free time, as kids don’t have to go to work, pay bills, or be an adult. However, pediatricians and psychologists point out that kids do suffer from stress and stress can have a huge effect on a child. Learning stress coping techniques can [Read On]

Kid screaming

Teaching Your Child Self-Control in 4 Easy Steps

Self-control is a skill that is essential to being an adult. While there are those few individuals that still have tantrums, stomp their feet, and throw a fit in their adult lives, for the rest of us, self control is essential to our success. Self-control allows us to logically think about the situation and make [Read On]