Good deed

Ways You and Your Kid Can Pay It Forward

Over the past decade we have heard the buzz phrase “random acts of kindness”. It’s been on Oprah and even made into a movie called “Pay It Forward”. But what is it? Paying it forward is when you do something kind for someone else with no strings attached. No obligation, you haven’t been hired to [Read On]


Tips on Helping Your Child Deal with a Bully

Bullies are all around us whether we’re young or old. But it’s kids who have the toughest time dealing with them. Here are some sure-fire ways to gently guide your child when dealing with a bully. Put a Name to It One of the hardest things to do is admit you’re being bullied, that you [Read On]

BBF Arrested

Talking to Your Teen After Her Friend is Arrested

Being a teen is a rite of passage and sometimes that includes pushing the edges of the envelope so far pieces fly off in all directions. But what happens if your teen tells you that one of her BFFs just got arrested? Time to talk about what happens with an arrest and what your teen [Read On]

Family Time

Planning Downtime: Family Rest and Play Days

As Americans, we are raised with a work ethic that can drive us to madness. We are taught that our value and worth are measured by how much we earn, how exhausted we are, and how we measure up to other families. Lately, we have seen families start to schedule downtime in the form of [Read On]

Safe Halloween

How to Have a Happy and Safe Halloween

Halloween is synonymous with sugar. The whole idea of trick or treat is really mostly treat so kids always look forward to this holiday. Here are a few tips to keep your kids – no matter what age – happy and safe halloween as they scour the neighborhood for candy. Costume Choices are Critical When [Read On]