3D Puzzle

Use 3D Puzzles to Teach About Real World Locations

3D puzzles offer many different kinds of benefits to both children and adults. They will find that these puzzles offer educational, mental, and physical benefits to their lives. Children can learn much about their world by putting together a three dimensional puzzle. They can learn the basic structure of animals, transportation machines, and even landmarks [Read On]

Pork Tenderloin

Four Meals For Under $10

These days we have to be budget conscious. We all work to scrimp and save. We pinch our pennies in one area so that we can splurge or relax in another. Fiscal responsibility is important. This is why it is important to have some recipes for budget meals up our sleeves. Try these four meals [Read On]

Paper crafts

Four Fun Crafts You Can Do With Construction Paper

Kids and adults alike love crafting. In fact, crafting together can be a wonderful bonding activity. Set aside some time one afternoon this week and help your child strengthen their hand-eye coordination skills as well as their finger dexterity by working on one of these fun crafts. Plus, all of these craft ideas make great [Read On]

Handling Disciplinary Issues at School

The first eighteen years of your child’s life can be some of the hardest, though we are mostly referring to the school days ahead. Almost every child will experience disciplinary problems at school whether they have started the problem, or are simply the innocent victim. Getting to the bottom of these disciplinary problems is very [Read On]

A Quick Guide to Toothpick Crafts

Any parent of a child under the age of 8 understands the prevalence of toothpicks in their day to day life. It’s amusing, really, how these tiny craft sticks wind up everywhere – under couch cushions, in air vents, behind the refrigerator. They’re an unquestionable staple for any little crafter, that’s for sure. As a [Read On]