Do You Have a Home Business, or Drop In Childcare Center?

"Hey, can you watch my kids for me?" "You don't have anything else going on, right?"

Have you ever felt like instead of running a home based-business, you run a drop-in childcare center? A few weeks ago, a friend called me to ask if I could watch her children. "Of course, I can". I replied. (I really didn't mind a fact, my kids could use the playmates for a day.) Okay, I take that back, I didn't mind at first.

When we started making arrangements, she said that she needed help for ten hours. I replied, "well, I can do half of that because I am behind on a project and need to catch up".

"Oh", she replied. "Couldn't you just work a little more tomorrow?" "My husband doesn't have anymore sick-leave so I am really in a bind".

Needless to say, her flippant attitude about my work schedule made me a little less anxious to lend a hand.

In a previous post, (Take Your Home Business Seriously, or They Won't) I talked about how it is often difficult to get our friends and family members take our home businesses seriously. While I absolutely love taking care of my friends' children, sometimes they simply don't understand that I have "office hours" just like anyone else.

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