Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Someone’s Day – Give a Mom a Break

Have you ever felt nudged to do something nice for someone else, but you aren't sure what to do? I am starting a series on simple things that you can do to brighten someone else's day. Personally, after I've done something nice for someone, I feel so fantastic and slightly selfish at the same time. Trust me, niceness can be quite the natural high.

Let's start with a really simple (but extremely valuable) "nice thing to do". Give a mom a break.

I admit. I am starting with a selfish assignment. I have two preschoolers. They are fun, creative and energetic. They make me laugh non-stop. That being said, I desperately need a little "me-time".

I want to grab a cup of coffee...alone. I want to peruse a music store...alone. I want to lay on my lazy-boy and watch reality tv all by myself.
I want to eat a plate of nachos and drink a glass of red wine without my preschoolers trying to grab them from me.

A bath would be really nice too. A long bath. With bubbles, smelly stuff, magazines and maybe even a second glass of wine, heaven forbid.

I took a bath a few weeks ago. I used my kids' blueberry bubble bath, laid down and cringed as I tried to lodge a pirate ship out of the small of my back. Ahhh...relaxing....NOT!

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