Everything Birthday Cakes…Just Launched.


I am thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new store in the Simple Mom Mall - Everything Birthday Cakes.com.

I have two preschoolers so birthday cakes are a very BIG DEAL in my home.

Last year, I wanted to make my daughter's 3rd birthday perfect. Since she was totally into bugs last year I attempted to create a "dirt-cake" complete with gummy bugs hidden inside.

I am clearly "baking-challenged" and couldn't even get a dirt-cake to turn out. Really...who messes up dirt-cake? Sheesh!

I launched this store for two types of people. Many of you of you are talented, artistic bakers. Pat yourselves on the back. There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos in the store that you'll love.

The rest of us need a little help. We need instructions, guides, tips, tools and ideas. We need kits, mixes and pre-made toppers.

......and when all else fails, we need a backup plan. (Did I mention that we offer pre-made cakes too?)

Happy Shopping!


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