Fantastic Find of the Day: Hide the Vegetables Kit – Deceptively Delicious

I love this!  I planned to buy the book Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food (after hearing some friends rave about it) but I was worried that I didn't have all of the cooking tools and supplies....steamer, food processor, storage.... etc.

Anyway - I was just searching for the book (and to read the reviews) and I found this "Hide the Vegetables Kit".  Love it!  It contains everything you need to sneak healthy veggies into your kids meals. 

I am going to try a mini-OAMC session this weekend and will be doing a few sneaky tricks with squash and broccoli.  =)

Now...I'll just need to figure out how to keep from giggling and smirking during dinner.  I love being sneaky.  Mu ha ha ha ha ha !

Hide the Vegetables Kit- Deceptively Delicious

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