Carving the Pumpkin Can Be Fun

Into the Goop

Pumpkin carving can be a fun, exciting experience for kids and their parents. All it takes is a pumpkin, carving tools and the freedom to be messy and have fun. It truly is unforgettable.

After purchasing a pumpkin, start by taking out some scratch paper and markers. Next, explain to the kids that they will be making a design to carve out on a pumpkin. The parent has the freedom to limit what their kids can make, such as creating pumpkin faces, or the parent can leave the creativity up entirely to their kids. The choice is up to you. After the child understands the parameters in what to create, they can take their marker and create something wonderful.

After the kids have made their masterpieces, put the pumpkins on a table that can get messy or spread newspaper on the table, and have them draw their design on the pumpkin. Sometimes kids change their minds when they realize that their work will be shown on a pumpkin. No problem. The kids can make a new creation on a different piece of paper or they can draw it directly on the pumpkin.

Before it is time to do the actual cutting, take time to carefully consider what cutting utensils to use and whether the kids are responsible enough to use them. Sometimes it is best to have an adult or older sibling assist in the cutting. When it is time to carve the pumpkin, begin with cutting a circular opening at the top of the pumpkin, cutting at an inward angle. After the top is removed, have the kids take out the insides of the pumpkin. This process in itself can be an easy, thoroughly exciting process as kids explore what a pumpkin is made of and squish their hands around in the goop and seeds.

After the pumpkin has been scraped clean, begin by making incisions to create the design that the child made. After all the work has been done, have the child inspect it if you were doing the cutting. See if there is anything they would like to change or add. Remember that kids change their minds frequently and that shows their creativity.

Carving pumpkins is easy, fun and rewarding. Though the time involved is not very long, it will be a memory that the kids will keep for the rest of their lives. Finally, remember to take pictures of this event so that it can always be a treasured as part of Halloween fun.


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