Making Cookies 014

Children love cookie making almost as much they love cookie eating. Here are a few quick and easy recipes so simple that your kids can do most of the work. Adult supervision is only needed for putting the cookie sheets in and out of the oven, and your children can do the rest.

Cake Mix Cookie Drops

Preheat the oven on to 350 degrees. Open up any brand of cake mix, and put it into a large bowl. If your children are old enough to crack eggs, let them crack two eggs into the bowl. If not, mom or dad can crack the eggs ahead of time, and let the child add the eggs to the cake mix.

Then, stir in one half cup of cooking oil or melted butter. That’s all you need to do to make the batter, but if you want to make a chocolate chip or raisin cookie, now's the time to stir in the chips or fruit.

Place a teaspoon of dough onto the baking sheet and leave about two inches between each cookie. Bake for ten to twelve minutes and let cool.

Your kids can eat these homemade cookies right off the cooling rack, or you can let them decorate the cookies with frosting and sprinkles.

Healthy Banana Oatmeal Drops

Here is another drop cookie that is even easier than the one above because it only has two ingredients. Take two or three large, very ripe bananas, and mix them in a bowl with about one cup of quick oats. Stir in your choice of add-ins like walnuts, white chocolate chips, or dried cranberries if you want, but they're perfect with just the banana and oatmeal flavors.


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