Teaching Kids to Help Around the House

Little cleaning lady

Teaching kids to help around the house is something that should begin from an early age. You should teach your child to clean up the toys when finished playing. This is a fundamental building block of individual and group responsibility.

A child should be given some basic chores as soon as they can handle them. Some common responsibilities could include putting clothes in the hamper, cleaning up toys or even making the bed. As long as your child does his or her best to do the job, right then you should give them some words of praise. Some children are naturally able to begin chores sooner than others, so try out some simple tasks and see how it goes. You will be able to tell rather quickly whether or not your child can handle the workload.

Anywhere from the age of 4-7 is usually a good time to begin chores. A chore list can be used to help guide the child in this endeavor. You can create one with a word processing document or simply draw one out. You may want to list the chore, and then leave a space for the child to mark off the task when it is finished. If possible, develop the chore list with your child and explain your expectations.

Young kids usually like to assist with the cleaning, so keep their desire going. Many children love to sweep, wipe and vacuum the floors. This is a great way to introduce your children to tasks that they will need to help with now and in the future. It is important to continue to praise the work that your child does. You may have to redo the work that your child did, especially at an early age, but keep your comments as positive as possible.

There are other things that kids can do to increase self-sufficiency. Find some easy things that need to be done around the house. If your child is very resistant to cleaning, try to make a game out of it. You may also want to find some of their favorite music and play it while you are all cleaning together. Children are more apt to assist you with a project when you are working with them.

You really need to figure out when your child is ready. You will be able to tell they are ready when they desire to work with you, and they are independent enough to do some easy jobs.

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