4th of July Fun

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The fact that fireworks aren’t allowed in your city doesn’t mean you can’t have an Independence Day celebration. You and your family can still have some fun of the 4th of July. Here’s how you can provide a fun-filled Fourth, regardless of those pesky city ordinances.

Depending on the age of your kids, they may get excited about turning off the lights and making hand puppets on the wall. For older children, turn off the lights and use flashlights for a fun game of hide-and-seek with the whole family. Or play another game the kids are always begging to play, but you don't usually have time for in your hectic life.

Many people go camping for the holidays. When that isn’t an option, bring the camp to your living room! You can pitch an actual tent. Just make sure it is the right size to fit in your living room. If you are not that adventurous, you can use blanket for a make-shift tent. And if you have a good backyard space, it's perfect for at-home camping. Don’t forget to use those flashlights!

Watching a movie may not seem like good quality time, but when you bring out the popcorn and snuggle-up it can be a bonding experience. There are some patriotic movies younger children may enjoy. Some of them include This is America Charlie Brown, Liberty’s Kids, and the all-time favorite American Tale. A good patriotic movie for older children is Captain America. Be sure to look at the rating for what you are okay with your children watching. And you can time the movie so it's over before the broadcast of your local fireworks starts.

What is more American than food? Make some burgers and fries for a traditional July 4th meal. If cooking isn't your thing, put together some sandwiches and have a “picnic” in the living room. Cupcakes make a great dessert. For an even more exciting touch, have the kids decorate them by making fireworks with sprinkles and icing.

Many cities have free city-wide fireworks show. If your family won’t settle for less, pack up the picnic and head to the show.

Don’t let the lack of fireworks ruin your 4th of July fun. Celebrating indoors can be just as exciting. No matter if you are indoors or out, your children will remember that you made an effort to make their night special.


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