Make Taking Their Lunch Fun

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Kids are notoriously picky eaters. It's hard enough to make something they'll like for a meal at home, so how are you supposed to make your child's school lunch enjoyable and healthy at the same time? Here are some tips for you to help your child realize that bringing a lunch to school can be fun.

Bite Sizes

Smaller foods are often more fun to eat. Instead of giving your child a whole sandwich, cut it up into triangles. Rather than packing him a complete orange, section it out for him and put it in a small container.

Surprise Inside

Wanting your child to eat healthy doesn't mean that you can never give him junk food. Once a week, put a small candy bar or bag of chips in your child's lunch box. To make him even more excited, change the day each week so he won't know in advance.

Sectioned Containers

When you're a kid, food usually isn't very appetizing if it's touching other food. To make sure your child's crackers aren't contaminated with broccoli, use sectioned containers. This can also help your child like sandwiches better. Keeping all the sandwich ingredients separate will keep the bread from getting soggy.

Same Meal, Same Day

If your child really wants whatever is being served at school, pack them the same thing. For instance, you could pack your child English muffins, spaghetti sauce, shredded cheese, and sandwich meat so they can make their own pizzas on pizza day.


Choosing a theme for your child's noon-time meal can make eating away from home more enjoyable for him. You could choose to only pack green food for a day, then only give him circular food the next. You could even make food from a certain culture.


Pack a note with your child's food every day to make it more fun. The notes could hint at what you're planning to make for supper, or they could each contain a word for your child to arrange into a sentence once he has them all. Simple puzzles are fun for older children.

You can pack foods with a certain theme or just stick a bite size candy bar in your child's bag once a week. Either way, your child might resist taking food from home at first, but he'll start to enjoy it once he realizes how fun it can be.


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