If Mom Likes It, Then Everybody Likes It

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It seems as if there are numerous experts out there who are more than willing to offer endless advice on how to be a mom, and many women spend too many hours fretting over whether or not they're getting things right. Over-thinking and second-guessing leads to unnecessary stress. Being a good parent is easy once you put a few basic concepts into play in your life. The main thing to remember is that the simplest answer is usually the best one. Most people spend too much time trying to find hidden meanings in all aspects of life, and that just saps both energy and time.

The other important thing to remember is the old saying that if mom is happy, then so is everyone else. This is actually the truth; everyone knows at least one family where one or both parents are miserable people, and it easy to see how directly affects the children. Some parents actually feel guilty if they give much thought at all to their own happiness, but that's a trap that can have negative consequences for every family member. Naturally, someone who lives a narcissistic lifestyle probably isn't going to be a very good parent, but there's a huge difference between always putting yourself first to the detriment of others and having a healthy respect for your own needs. Everyone has to sacrifice on some level when they become parents, but it shouldn't be a constant way of life.

It's generally quite easy to spot a happy family. They tend to be the ones in which everyone is engaged and comfortable with themselves and with one another. Families that are chronically unhappy usually have at least one parent who feels as if he or she takes a back seat to the happiness of others. An example of this is could be when a birthday dinner for mom is celebrated at a particular restaurant because it's everyone else's preference when the birthday girl herself would rather go somewhere else.

No one should ever be made to feel bad because they want to enjoy their birthday or other special day in their own way. Parents who take a simple approach to child rearing generally raise happier and healthier kids.


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