October To-Do List

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October is one of the most festive months of the year for plenty of Halloween activities that come with the new season. From pumpkin carving to apple picking, there is plenty to plan for moms looking to keep their family busy in the fall.

Carve Pumpkins

Take a trip to the pumpkin patch if you have a local one; the kids will love it. Then allow kids to get a bit creative with pumpkin carvings, or print out stencils that can be used for decorative designs or silhouettes on each pumpkin. You can then place a candle in each individual pumpkin on the porch for a fun way to celebrate the season as a family.

Bake Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an affordable and healthy snack to make during October and are easy to bake with a touch of salt or cinnamon on a few cookie sheets. Roasted pumpkin seeds contain zinc and vitamin E for a treat that kids can enjoy both baking and eating for a nice break from candy.

Make Costumes

For those who want to trick-or-treat in an original creation, it's important to make handmade costumes that are unique in design and will make for a memorable look in the neighborhood. Ask each family member what type of Halloween costume they would like, and make a list of the materials you'll need and props you'll be using to complete the look.

Apple Picking

Fall is harvest time and the season to enjoy the fruits of the year's labor. Have fun apple picking on a local farm for fresh fruit that can be fun for kids to gather. Once getting home, make delicious recipes that include fresh apple cider or even warm apple pie for fall favorites.


Make an activity out of furnishing the home with Halloween and fall decor with a bit of planning for how the house can be transformed. Include spooky cobwebs, decorative spiders, and even natural fall leaves for table decor, which may be found right in the front yard. Festive string lights can also be used, as well as melted candles for a great flickering effect.

Throw a Halloween Party

Celebrate the season by planning a Halloween party for both friends and neighbors to attend for a night that can be family-friendly and include spooky music, plenty of candy, and even bobbing for apples. Incorporate traditional games and a list of activities that will make for a haunted night to remember. Include a costume contest that everyone can participate in for both kids and adults, along with prizes for the winners. You can even team up with another family or two to split the work of preparing and paying for the party.


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