Simple Ideas to Shorten Household Chore Routines

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Four Easy Ideas to Streamline Your Chores

As if keeping up with the daily chores and errands that well-kept households require were not difficult enough, the holidays have a knack for putting additional stress on moms who want to host the perfect holiday parties. If you want to do it all, then you have to do it efficiently. Here are four easy steps to streamline your process and help you save time on your cleaning routine.

1. Make a List

Cleaning, decorating and planning for the holidays can quickly become overwhelming when you look at your house and mentally compare it to all the Pinterest projects you want to do. Instead of sitting around, unsure of where to start or wandering aimlessly from room to room without getting much done, save time by making a list. Lists help you save time by keeping you on task so you can get your chores done. Just go straight through and check off one task after another.

2. Prioritize

Real life parties rarely live up to their Pinterest standards. Instead of stressing over every small detail, prioritize your tasks and decide which chores truly need to be done, and which chores you will get to only if you have extra time. This does not mean you have to go strictly in order of importance, as some important tasks such as taking out the trash and getting dressed should be done last before the party starts, but prioritizing helps you save time because it helps you avoid working on unnecessary projects.

3. Schedule and Multi-task

Completing tasks at specific times can help streamline your process. For example, you can clean the bathroom during your small children’s bath time while you are in there supervising anyway. You can run the dishwasher overnight and put the dishes away in the morning while you are in the kitchen eating breakfast. You can wash kitchen counters and dishes while you are in there cooking dinner. If you clean as you go, you won't end up with a big pile and dirty counters.

4. Delegate

If you have family members around, put them to work. Husbands can pick up forgotten ingredients from the store on the way home, saving you a trip. Teenagers can vacuum, dust, do laundry and clean the bathrooms. Even small children can help with easy chores like picking up toys or unloading the silverware from the dishwasher. Get everyone involved at once and it will get done much quicker. Make a game out of it, with the winner getting something they really like, such as an extra cookie or extra time on the tv/computer/electronic game.

Hosting the perfect holiday party is possible, it just takes planning and efficiency. Make a prioritized list, check off your chores one after another and then relax and enjoy your holiday!

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