Tips for Finding the Perfect Sitter

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Babysitters take care of your children while you're doing anything from enjoying a fun date to taking care of an emergency. There are several things you should do in order to hire the most reliable and capable babysitter.

Decide What Type of Babysitter You Need

Before you begin looking for a sitter, you need to decide what type of sitter to hire. A mother's helper is a child around the age of 13 who can play with your kids and entertain them. You will need to supervise mother's helpers, but they can give you much-needed breaks and let you get things done.

A standard babysitter is someone who you can call to watch your kids for several hours without your supervision. They include anyone from older teenagers to experienced adults with qualifications. You can go out on a date or to a movie while your babysitter watches the children, gives them dinner, and even puts them to bed.

Backup babysitters are like standard sitters, but they are only called when the regular babysitter can't make it.

Ask Friends and Family

After you've decided what kind of sitter you need, see if any of your trusted friends or family would like to do the job. There's nothing more important than the safety of your children, and hiring friends or family ensures they'll be safe. You could also ask them if they have a trusted babysitter you could use.

Looking Elsewhere

You can also ask at mother's groups, preschool or other functions to see if there is a reliable babysitter that is well liked. Moreover, there are many reputable online sites that can match you with a babysitter. Only go to safe sites that charge a fee. Free sites are not safe. In addition, find a site that screens their babysitters and gives them background checks.

Interview Potential Candidates

Before you hire anyone, you'll first need to interview them in person. Ask them important questions like what their qualifications are, how they would discipline the children, and if they know first aid. Also find out the going rate for babysitters in your area before you hire a sitter, and agree on an hourly rate in advance.

Don't hire a babysitter who has a discipline style you do not approve of. Also, you should ask the babysitter for a few references. Call the babysitter's references, and ask them many questions to find out if the babysitter is trustworthy and if there have been any issues.

Hiring someone to take care of your children is a serious decision. Make sure you look in a variety of places, and conduct thorough interviews. And always leave phone numbers with sitters so you can be reached, if necessary.


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