Cupcakes for Everyone!


Cupcakes are a versatile and popular treat for any occasion. They allow for perfect portion control and are fast & easy to serve to family and friends. They don't even necessarily require the use of a plate. Read on for some great ideas about how to incorporate cupcakes into your next family gathering or event.

Holidays and special occasions typically include fun foods and beverages. If you are planning a party or BBQ and want to bake something unique, why not serve some fun cupcakes? Add jellybeans or marshmallow peeps as toppers for Easter cupcakes, or add green sprinkles for Saint Patrick's Day. Use chocolate icing and make eyes and smiling mouths using piped icing for gingerbread boys and girls at Christmastime, or make red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Think about your own family's traditions and gain inspiration for what they would appreciate seeing on, or even in, a cupcake.

Sometimes families throw a party to welcome the first day of each new season. You can bake cupcakes for an occasion such as this as well. Why not use pearlized jimmies, marshmallows and white frosting to create snowy scenes or snowmen cupcake toppers? Bake cupcakes ahead of the party, and then allow guests to come up with their own icing and topping designs. For a first day of fall party consider using caramel, diced nuts or apples as toppers. Guests will love being able to relax and enjoy a fun and creative treat.

If you are throwing an adult party, why not experiment with baking cupcakes and making icings that are infused with alcohol and liqueurs? The website offers wonderful recipes for the adult palate. If you feel intimidated about baking with beer and liqueur, use this site as a starting point. Also keep in mind that it is a good idea to always slant your cupcake offerings to the time of year and occasion. For example, you may want to serve strawberry daiquiri cupcakes in warm months, and Guinness cupcakes in cooler months.

If you are baking for someone with dietary restrictions, do not despair. Cupcakes really are for everyone. There are plenty of recipes that use coconut flour and coconut oil and milk, so you can adjust your recipes to be dairy free. If you are trying to cut sugar from a recipe, try sweetening with maple syrup, honey, agave or coconut sugar.

Have fun brainstorming wonderful baking ideas with your friends and family members. Spread a little bit of joy and tastiness in your cupcake endeavors!



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