Top 8 Home Safety Tips for Kids

Kids are clumsy, there is no changing that. But there are things that we, as parents, can do for our children to try and help them avoid more serious injuries within the home. Prevent your kids from getting seriously hurt in your home.

1.     Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an undetectable poisonous gas. Symptoms of poisoning include nausea, headache, and drowsiness. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by having a carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom and on each floor of your home.

2.     Smoke Detectors

Working smoke alarms are a critical first step in getting your family out of a burning home. I must stress, they need to be working properly to alert you to smoke. Change out the batteries regularly. It is recommended to install smoke alarms in each bedroom and on every level of your house.

3.     Fire Safety Plan

Teach your children how to react in the dangerous unlikelihood of a fire in your home. Have a fire safety plan complete with several safe ways out of your house. Practice this with at home fire drills as well as how to react once the fire alarms go off. You can turn it into a multitasking game of sorts with a stopwatch.

4.     Electrical Outlet Covers

Electricity is a dangerous and wonderful thing. We all must learn how to use it responsibly, and to teach our children to handle it responsibly in turn. To begin with, however, it is recommended that you use safety plugs on all outlets to keep tiny hands from sticking their tiny fingers into an outlet.

Teach your children how to react in the dangerous unlikelihood

5.     Keep Hazardous Materials in Responsible Places

Children are curious and their curiosity can lead them places we would rather didn’t go. It’s a good idea to store household products, such as detergents, bleaches, etc., out of reach and sight. I recommend putting safety locks on cabinets with hazardous materials. Medicines and vitamins also should be stored out of reach of children.

6.     Keep Firearms and Other Weapons in a Safe

If you choose to keep firearms and/or other weapons in your home, you need to be vigilant about gun/weapon safety. Store your unloaded firearm in a locked place, such as a gun safe. Keep your weapons out of your children’s line of sight and reach, and the keys and combinations to your safe hidden.

7.     Fall Prevention

Young children love to climb. Unfortunately, what they choose to climb on in the home can hurt them. Secure furniture, such as bookcases, to the wall. Have safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs; install them in your wall when possible. Mount window guards to prevent your child from falling out of a window on accident.

8.     Fence around yard

Fences around yards are brilliant for two simple reasons. The first, it allows your child the illusion of being independent outdoors in a controlled atmosphere. Secondly, fences keep things out that shouldn’t be there, such as a feral dog. Obviously, parental supervision is always recommended when children play out of doors.

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