8 Things You Can Do to Calm Your Toddler

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If you are a new mom, congratulations! And if you’re feeling like you’ll never get it right, welcome to the club.

But all it takes is a little hand holding and some sure-fire tips from veteran moms to help make this time in your baby’s life easier for both of you.

A Soothing Trifecta

Lavender: If your infant or toddler is screaming and won’t calm down, try rubbing some lavender essential oil on the back of your neck and hold them. Lavender is known for calming properties and even helps adults fall asleep.

The John: This may sound really wacky but we’ve tried it and it works. Take your baby to the bathroom and turn on the faucet and the fan. These sounds are in the lower register and mimic what they heard in the womb.

A Way to Regroup: sometimes we all need to escape from over stimulation and that goes double for a toddler. Give her a small, enclosed space that she can escape to by herself like throwing a blanket over a table and creating her own fort.

A Medicine Balm

We can’t count the number of times we’ve squirted medicine all over the kid and ourselves when our toddler is uber fussy. Try this: Mix the medication with their favorite syrup. Chocolate, strawberry or even caramel will disguise the taste and make it more of a treat.

To the Hair and Makeup Room

Any lover of movies and TV knows that stars go to the hair and makeup room to get ready for their close-ups. And so can your toddler. Have her lie down on the kitchen counter near the sink and put a rolled up towel under her neck. Have her lean back and enjoy having her head massaged and hair washed. Wrap her head in a towel turban and take her to your room where you apply a bit of makeup. Dry out her hair and take some selfies together.


Bedtime is often the battleground of parents and kids everywhere. And none more than a toddler. If you have a child that likes to rip off their pajamas at night, think about putting on footless zip up sleepers backward so they can’t take them off.

For infants, avoid those late night leaks by using a diaper that’s one size bigger to absorb urine and prevent messes. And before going to bed, fill your newborn’s diaper with ointment so you never miss it when you change him at 3 AM.

Teething and Miserable?

Yes, frozen waffles provide those handy drool cups but teething babies will stay at it longer if you add something that they like. Try a mesh teether and add chucks of carrot, cucumbers or sour pickles. Kids love tangy things and pickles are perfect for this.

Pee and Feed

This sounds a little weird but it really works. When you’re feeding your baby and feel the call of nature, latch her onto your side, yank down elastic waist pants or lift a skirt, let it rip and flush later.

Keep these tips handy and enjoy this time in your infant’s life.

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