Kid Friendly Restaurants

Kid Friendly Restaurants

When you think of the phrase “kid friendly” and pair it with restaurants, it really has everything to do with their menu.  Having options for younger kids and even older ones makes taking your children out to eat so much more fun.

Here are some ideas for kid friendly restaurants.  Not all of them will be in the area where you live but, hopefully, some of them will be.


This restaurant may be the butt of some jokes in TV commercials, but is a fabulously kid friendly restaurant.  Who wouldn’t love pancakes for dinner?

One of the things we’re really like about Denny’s is that they make an effort to give diners nutrition and allergy information right on the menu.  This is really helpful if you have a kid who’s allergic to nuts and you need to make sure that a particular dish is safe for her.

Red Robin (Yum!)

Besides having a very catchy theme song, this restaurant is a great place to take the family especially for a kid’s birthday.  They have a mascot that comes out and makes a special appearance and there are tons of balloons for your birthday girl or boy.  They are always enhancing and changing their child’s menu and even adding some healthy options like veggie burgers and side dishes of fruit and vegetables.

Is your 6 to 12 year-old a future top chef?  Every year, Red Robin sponsors a recipe contest that goes into their cookbook.  All proceeds from cookbook sales go to charity.


This popular chain has been adding to its kids menu steadily for years.  There are some entrees like grilled chicken, pasta and pizza.  They also have side dishes like corn, mandarin oranges and pineapple.

Mimi’s Café

If you come into the restaurant with some hyper kids and you really need to get some food into them quickly, this is the restaurant for you.  They have a free appetizer plate that includes Cheerios, oranges and crackers.  Just the thing to quiet down some antsy kids.

Their kids’ menu options include choices like soup and salad and spaghetti.  Side dishes include mashed potatoes, fruit and applesauce.  Bibs and hand wipes are given to all families with young children and there are changing tables in all of the restrooms.

Soup Plantation

This chain also goes by another name outside California which is Sweet Tomatoes.  The thing we adore about this chain is that it’s perfect for frugal families.  Adults can eat for less than $10 and about five bucks for kids three and over.  It features a pasta station, soups and a 55-foot long salad bar with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  And they don’t forget the dessert in their fabulous bakery section.

Chuck E. Cheese

This wouldn’t be a kid friendly restaurants blog post without mention of Chuck E. Cheese.  This seems to be the place to take kids for blow-out birthday parties and fun entertainment in addition to fantastic pizzas.

So get ready, pack up those kids and take them to your nearby kid friendly restaurants for family fun and a great meal.

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