Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Perfect Baby Shower

Throwing the perfect baby shower has everything to do with planning.  We’ve all been to last minute, throw together baby showers that, while they were fun, would have been even better if there had been some planning.

Here are some tips for planning a shower that will make you look like a rock star.

What to Do First

Give yourself plenty of time when planning to do something like this.  Starting eight weeks in advance is not too soon.

Talk to the mom-to-be and find out what her schedule is.  Set a date and time that works perfectly for her.  While you’re talking with her, get the names, mailing addresses and e-mail addresses of the guests she would like to have at the shower.

Next, choose a location and decide whether or not it’s going to be in someone’s residence or at a restaurant.  If it’s going to be a restaurant or party room, make sure to call that location right away to book the date and time.

Is this going to be catered or will it be the type of party where everyone brings a dish?  If you’re using a caterer, you need to book that person well in advance.

Six Weeks Out

At about six weeks before the party, make sure to mail any physical invitations and also set up your electronic invitations.  If your guest of honor has registered for baby gifts, let the attendees know where that is.

Menu Planning

This part of the baby shower can be done at the time you first talked to your mom-to-be or it can be done about five weeks in advance.

Check and see if any of the attendees have food allergies and keep that in mind when putting a menu together.  If this is at a restaurant, you’ll need to meet with the catering manager.

Check your list of tableware and chairs to make sure you have enough as well as any decorations or flowers you might want to have.

And don’t forget the present you would like to give the guest of honor.

Leading Up to the Party

Two to three weeks in advance, you will want to have a list with all of the food and beverages you’ll need as well as any shower favors or gifts.  This is also a good time to designate one person to pick up the guest of honor.

If you’re using a restaurant or other rented space, confirm the reservation as well as any other items you have discussed with the manager.

Make sure the flowers are ordered two weeks in advance and that you double or triple check the date and time of delivery.

Two Days Before

If the party is being given in someone’s home, this is the time you’re going to a shop for the perishable items, ice and any other remaining supplies.  Check with your mom-to-be to see how she’s feeling and make sure there’s a comfortable chair with a pillow especially if she’s in her third trimester.

On the date of the event, remember to have a great time and take a lots of pictures for memory books.

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