Keeping Your Family Organized: The 4 Best Planners and Calendars to Keep You on Track

Keeping Your Family Organized The 4 Best Planners and Calendars to Keep You on Track

We all know that staying organized can be difficult, especially when you add in your child(ren)’s after school sport(s), your cousin’s wedding, parent teacher conferences, etc. To help keep you and your family organized, we have created a list of the best planners and calendars to help you stay prepared for life’s important events.


For those of you who love using technology, this calendar is for you! The Cozi calendar can be downloaded as an IPhone or Android app and allows you to digitally share your calendar with the whole family. It functions as both a daily, monthly, and hourly calendar. You can get appointment reminders sent to your email or sent as a reminder directly to your phone. Another great feature is the ability to send the agenda for the upcoming week to anyone you choose. Lastly, this app is FREE! On top of the calendar, this app also grants access to a shopping/grocery list, to do list, family journal, and meal plan. This calendar also synchs with Google Calendar or any other Internet Calendar.

Mom’s Family Calendar 2015 by Sandra Boynton

This is the super calendar for any mom. The cleverly designed grids enable parents to quickly and easily see what each family member is doing each day of the month so finding days where everyone in the family is available for a family event is possible. Boynton also includes a variety of illustrations that are energetic, humorous, colorful, and eye catching. This calendar can be found on Amazon,, and at Barnes % Noble online or in-stores.

Family Magnetic Fridge Calendar 2015 by More Time Moms Publishing Inc.

This monthly calendar is a great resource for all family members. It comes with magnets that easily stick on the back of the calendar, making it perfect for the family fridge where everyone can have easy access. The calendar also features large squares, which make it easy to put multiple appointments or events in the same day. It also comes with a variety of stickers that can be used to mark school and life events. This calendar is sold on multiple online sites, such as Amazon,, and

Family Weekly Planner 2015 by Organized Mum

This calendar for larger families, as it has columns for six people. The calendar breaks down the month into weeks and offers space for each family member so that you can see everyone’s weekly schedule at a glance.  This calendar also features perforated shipping lists and extra organizational features, such as the plastic overlay. The plastic overlay allows you to write down regularly occurring events and transfer it from week to week to save re-writing. It also comes with a variety of colorful stickers, a pen, and a plastic pocket to hold important documents. This calendar can be found online at sites such as,, and, just to name a few.

We have supplied you with this list of the best family planners and calendars for 2015. Using the given descriptions, please use your own judgment to select the planner that will work best for you and your family.


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