How to Keep Your Children Safe from Technology

Keep Your Children Safe from Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing. It’s fast, convenient, and gives people access to the information super highway. It provides a lot of entertainment value too and ways to connect with others across the globe. When it comes to your children though, you want to keep them safe from technology so it doesn’t overwhelm them. You also want to make sure they don’t focus all of their free time on it. So, here are a few tips on keeping your kids safe.

Don’t Always Get them the Latest Gadgets

There are plenty of little gizmos like the Nintendo DS and the IPod that kids love to use. They’re fun, convenient, and they’re also popular. So of course when kids see all their friends getting them, they want one for themselves. These little gadgets are expensive, and a lot of the time it’s not even necessary to get them the newest model. Children love to play, and by holding off on getting them the newest gadget they’ll find other ways to entertain themselves. So, unless it’s your child’s birthday, hold on getting them one out of the blue. If they already have one, don’t get them a newer one just because it’s shinier than last year’s model.

Limit their Time on It

Technology is pretty amazing, but you want to limit your children’s time on it. The best way to do this is to monitor how much time they’re spending on it. Unless they’re doing research for a project or homework, don’t let them use it for hours on end each day. Usually 2-3 hours is the max your child should spend on technology. It’s easy for a child to find they’re entertainment from it and to get sucked in. They’re also programs for computers you can use that help you monitor your children on the computer and limit how much time they use it.

Set Rules and Safety Measures

Another way to keep your children safe from technology is to set rules and safety measures for them to follow. Do this by discussing with your children the risks involved if they share their personal information online. Instruct them what to look for and how to avoid predators. It will also help if you have firewall programs and child safety filters on any devices you may own. This way your children will not end up going to sites they’re not supposed to or accidentally downloading viruses.

Teaching your children to not use technology as a crutch for everything is another good way to keep them safe from it. Of course, video games are and other forms of entertainment aren’t bad for your children. It’s simply a matter of balancing it all out. By teaching your children early how to handle technology, you’re setting a good foundation for them. This will help them later on in life as they get older. They will learn how to find that balance for themselves, and not rely on you to set it.



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