Dealing with Your Teenage Children

Dealing with Your Teenage Children

Teenagers are both a mystery and confusing. They’re not quite children anymore, but they’re also not adults. This transition from childhood to adulthood is a difficult and confusing time for them. Add this to all the raging hormones they have, and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands. Teenagers are not bad through and through, but they can be hard to deal with. So here are a few ways to deal with your teenage children.

Allow them to Pursue Outside Interests

Teenagers like to go off by themselves a lot. They do this because they’re not only trying to find themselves, but establish their own identity. One of the ways to help them through this is to encourage their outside interests. For example, maybe they have a passion for art, science, or maybe even writing. Find ways to get them more involved in these passions. Not only will this help them to focus more, but it will probably go towards helping them to deal with the stress of being a teenager. It’s not lie that teenagers go through a wide range of emotions during this time in their lives. So if they have an outlet for what they feel inside, let them pursue it.

Be up Front, But Firm

One of the things you’re going to start doing is to be up front with your teenager. They’re at the age now where they can easily tell if they’re being lied to. If you have something to tell them, just be direct about it. You also want to be firm when it comes to setting the ground rules with your teen. Also be sure why the rules are in place. Going with, “I’m your parent, I’m in charge,” bit isn’t going to work at this point. At least if you’re up front about why you’re doing what you do, and explain it, your teen has a better chance of understanding.

Be Reasonable, and Allow them to Give Input

At this point in your teen’s life they’re going to start questioning everything that’s around them. Of course, as the parent you are in charge. Your teen however will want to know how everything works in the household. Instead of shutting them down when they speak up, at least allow them to give their input on a situation. Give them the chance to be reasonable with you and offer alternatives. While you may not agree in the end, it at least shows your teen you’re listening to them and taking their thoughts into consideration.

Dealing with your teenage children can be difficult. They’ll have their times when they’re moody, friendly, or just downright don’t want to talk. At this stage in their life it helps to give them their space. Teens want to find themselves during this time, so allow them to do that. Encourage good behaviors and interests to help keep them occupied. It will also serve to give them a good push in the right direction.



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