10 Things You Should Never Do in Front of Your Kids

10 Things You Should Never Do in Front of Your Kids

As a parent, you play a major role in the development of your child. For this reason, you influence your children's behavior. Children imitate everything you do and integrate what they see into their lives. Therefore, it is imperative you set the appropriate examples for your children.

Kids are like sponge-they absorb items and learn a lot. The last thing you need is your child picking up the wrong attitude, behavior, or habits. While there are numerous routines and habits you don't want your kids to pick up, we may fail to set up a good example to them.

If you are trying to instill a proper culture, avoid doing these things in front of your children.

How Parents Affect Children's Development

If you're concerned about your child's growth, developmental state, and behaviors, consider the ways in which you can affect him or her positively.

  • Schooling and Expectations

Setting age-appropriate and reasonable expectations could affect your child positively when it comes to school and learning. If you expect your children to achieve academically, you can affect educational attainment and grades. Nevertheless, you must create goals for your child and help him or her understand why school is vital to his or her life success and development.

  • Discipline

This term isn't always negative. While parents might not wish to see the behaviors that call for discipline, the act of offering these strategies can help your child develop more positively.

Things You Should Not Do


Fight or Argue

While it's inevitable for couples to disagree or quarrel, they should avoid arguing in front of the children. This is because they are vulnerable and usually blame themselves for the friction. So, ensure you sort your differences in the absence of your children.

Spend Excessive Time on Gadgets

Children could become addicted to electronic gadgets at an early age if you do the same. It is imperative you put the iPad and phone down and spend more time on hands-on experiences and reading books.

Foul Language

You are your children's inspiration. One way to lose respect in your child's eyes is the use of foul language. While this behavior might not produce immediate effects, kids eventually learn to use this language in the presence of their friends.


Whether it's serious or small white lies, lies of any degree aren't tolerable. You must set a good example by exercising honesty all the time. This helps you deal with circumstances in the future. Children need to learn that honesty is necessary regardless of the consequences.

Temper Loss

This could imply losing yourself with any situation or anyone. Children are naïve and associate your anger to their actions. Furthermore, whenever you lose your temper, you generate fear, making you less approachable.

Drinking and Smoking

You should avoid drinking and smoking in front of your children because if it's okay with you, it will be okay for them. In future, your children are likely pick up these habits when they become adults.

Stress about Finances

An offhand comment about being unable to afford something could send kids into worry. Don't discuss money in front of the children unless you are discussing how to use it responsibly.


Kids can at times frustrate you, making you yell. Although you might feel good letting go of steam, it won't change or help the situation. Kids will either yell back or concentrate on your anger rather than the message you're trying to convey.


Besides being smart, kids listen. Avoid gossiping about friends or anyone in the presence of your child. They could misunderstand you or think it's appropriate to share private information.

Consuming Junk Food

Eating excess junk food may result in health related issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Avoid eating junk food in your child's presence. This is because the child might consider it appropriate to include these foods into his diet.

In conclusion, your children's behavior mirrors your habits and mannerisms. Therefore, be a good role model and keep bad habits at bay.


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