Having a “Me Day” and Why Its Important

Me Day

Oftentimes with work, errands, keeping the house in order, and taking care of the family we cross off any and all personal time. Those day long visits to the spa or weekends lounging in sweats flew out the window as soon as we began families and rose up the career ladders. But it shouldn’t be that way. It’s not selfish or wasting time to take a day for ourselves, frankly it’s healthy and extremely beneficial for our and loved ones’ well-beings. Here’s why it’s important to schedule time for yourself.

Healty Reasons

In today’s day and age our bodies are going, going, going, often being fueled by greasy, processed foods. Just as sleep is important to recharge our batteries, taking time out to exercise and eat healthy meals help keep our bodies in tip-top shape and energized. Exercise and extra time to make a healthy lunch instead of picking it up in the drive through are things we should be doing everyday rather than saving for one day a week. However taking a day to hike an exceptionally scenic route, or run on the beach offers an extra benefit of beautifying your work-out experience, helping further decrease your stress levels and increase your happiness. Remember that working out isn’t the only way to de-stress.

Treating yourself to a massage will help work out tension your didn’t realize you carried, taking a day to lounge around the house will help rest your overworked body, and spending a day with a good friend will recharge your emotional batteries. All these actions help de-frazzle our stressed bodies.


Emotional Reasons

Pampering yourself will help alleviate stress and boost confidence, thus allowing you to take on the world with more invigoration. If you’re dealing with difficult problems, taking time away will clear your mind and help face the situation from a different perspective, potentially revealing a solution.

For your children that see a hardworking parent every day, they will learn an important lesson in prioritizing oneself. If your child worked on a project non-stop, you’d surely step in and suggest a break; that is essentially what you do for yourself when you take time to breathe.

With less stress you’ll feel more energized and less likely to break under pressure with a short temper; your loved ones and colleagues will appreciate that.

What you can do in between "Me Days"

The truth of the matter is sometimes entire “me days’ are hard to schedule, when you do get a day to yourself treat it will importance and get the most out of it: turn off the phone, don’t answer emails, and enjoy yourself. More often than not, it’ll be easier to schedule “me time” everyday- be it 5 minutes or an hour. This time can be filled with exercise, reading a chapter of a book, meditation, simply petting your dog, enjoying the paper quietly with a cup of coffee, or taking a long walk with a loved one.

Surely there’s some time in the day you can take for yourself. Wake up just before the kids do, or leave the house earlier and relax in a coffee shop. Work out a deal with your spouse where you schedule personal times in the evening, or use your lunch break to take a yoga class. If you get creative you’ll find time for yourself, the bottom line is realizing the importance of personal time.


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