5 Great Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Power of Words

There is no doubt that stories can stay with us and shape our lives.  In fact, they can teach us how to live.  I grew up with books and stories, some of which linger in my mind to this day.  Here are 5 terrific bedtime stories for young children that could have an impact on them even decades from now.

The Frog Prince

Not only does our society place enormous value on physical appearance, it seems to begin this indoctrination at very young ages.  It is important to teach children that beauty is not everything, no matter what the media tries to make one believe.  A wonderful story to teach children that looks are not everything is the Brothers Grimm classic The Frog Prince.  This story also teaches the moral of keeping a promise.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Gift of the Magi

This beautiful story by O’Henry is appropriate for audiences of all ages with the timeless message it delivers.  A young and very poor married couple sell the only things they have of value to buy each other a perfect Christmas gift.  When they arrive home, the things they sold were related to the gifts they purchased for each other for those very items.  With utter simplicity this story personifies love and sacrifice.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

This parable is an excellent lesson to what might happen if one decides to lie.  In Aesop’s classic fable a shepherd boy decides to call out for help from his village as he falsely claims that a wolf is attacking his flock.  The boy raises a false alarm so many times that on the day a wolf actually does appear and attack the sheep, no one answers the boy’s cries for help.  This is a very effective cautionary tale which can be applied in several aspects of life.


Far beyond the Disney princess, this is another classic fairy tale with a strong message.  Turned into a servant and treated abysmally by her stepmother and stepsisters, the gentle and gracious Cinderella wins the heart of a prince and forgives those who wronged her for many years.  This story teaches us that grace and kindness are admirable qualities in a person and priceless qualities to have.  It also teaches us about strength and remaining a good person even under unfortunate circumstances.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

There is no doubt that the legends of Arthur and his knights are among the most well-known and well-loved in the world.  These tales of romance and chivalry have stood the test of time and still enthrall audiences both young and old.  These stories of heroes, chivalry, love, magic, and brotherhood are parables of the many faces of humanity.  The tales can also be used to teach some historical aspects and make learning enjoyable.

Other Sources

Please do not stop with these five stories but further explore the classic works of Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm, Aesop’s Fables, and Charles Perrault.  These beautiful works of literature are guaranteed to provide years of stories and scores of life lessons for young children.

No clue what to read to your kids?  Go back to tried and true classics for bedtime stories and bring timeless tales to life.  Give your kids a start to literature.


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