5 Great Reasons to Read to Your Kids

The skill of reading cannot be overestimated for success in life.  But what is really the difference between teaching your kids to read all by themselves and reading to your kids yourself?  Well, we think both things are very important, yet in different ways.  Let us tell you more along with these five reasons why we believe it is a good thing to keep reading to your kids even as they grow older.

5 Great Reasons to Read to Your Kids

To Teach or To Read?

A Goal vs. A Habit

Every parent is thrilled when their preschoolers start to recognize words and begin reading on their own.  But is that all there is to it?  What are the benefits of reading to our kids and why does it matter after they learn to read themselves?  Basically, teaching your kids to read is essentially a limited goal whereas reading to your kids is developing a habit.  When you continue to read to your kids even after they have learned to read for themselves, you are not only reinforcing the value of reading, but you are ultimately creating a love for reading.


The Top Five Reasons

Why You Should Read to Your Kids

  1.  Time Together.  This will benefit you and you kids in so many ways that it’s difficult to count them all.  Just being with your kids is important, but reading books together helps to create conversation, discuss emotional or social problems, or just expand their imagination and sense of the world!
  2. Develops Thinking Skills.  This is extremely important, especially in an age of numerous gadgets and technology that are cleverly programmed to do most of your thinking for you.  While the convenience is appreciated, the ability to think objectively, deductively, theoretically and so on, simply cannot be forgotten!  When you read to your kids – and particularly as you begin to read more advanced books without pictures – you help your kids begin to develop these critical thinking skills by simply imagining details and following plot descriptions with their own imaginations!
  3. Academic Excellence.  Reading to your kids not only improves their thinking skills, but also quietly builds a solid foundation of communication skills, progression of logic, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and more that will positively impact your kid’s overall academic abilities!
  4. Concentration and Discipline.  Much of technology has been detrimental to our ability to concentrate due to rapid visual and audio overload.  However, reading a book will teach your kids to slow down, to develop their focus and to delay their gratification for the time that it takes to hear all of the details or follow the story.
  5. A Love For Reading.  Most of all, we want to pass on the love for reading to our kids so that they will always continue to grow and learn and expose themselves to the many ideas of the world.  Read your kid a book and you entertain him for a day, but give him the love for reading and he will have the world at his fingertips.








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