Pregnancy Hair Facts and Myths

Oh, the thing we’ve heard on the street about hair and pregnancy. Specifically, we hear all about the effects of pregnancy on your hair, what happens to your hair post-partum and everything in between. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue with these pregnancy hair facts and myths.


Myth or Fact: Your Hair will Grow Faster and Thicker when you’re Pregnant

The answer here is, well, it depends. Hormone changes during pregnancy do – for some women – accelerate hair growth. Additionally, taking prenatal vitamins and eating super-healthy foods for your baby will have benefits to your hair, too. However, if you already ate healthy and took vitamins, you may not notice much difference. The real wild card is hormones – they’re just too individualized to predict an outcome for pregnant women, in general. Many women report rapidly growing hair and nails during pregnancy. Some women report some hair thinning during pregnancy – this could be hormone or stress-related.


Myth or Fact: You Can’t Color your Hair when you’re Pregnant

This one is a little tougher to pin down and you’ll get lots of different answers depending on who you ask. The worry seems to be that chemicals in hair colors are absorbed through your scalp and could harm the baby. However, the amount of absorption is negligible and there have not been any definitive studies to support this assertion. More likely, however, is an increased sensitivity to both the chemicals in hair dye as well as the strong smell, which for the former, could cause irritation and, in the case of the latter, you could feel nauseous. The safest bet: wait until after the first trimester to color your hair – by then you’ll likely be over the morning sickness and less likely to get sick from the smells of the salon.

Pregnancy Hair Facts and Myths

Myth of Fact: You’ll lose some Hair after Giving Birth

This one is almost a universal fact among women who have given birth. Most report at least some increase in hair loss due to the hormonal/stress changes you undergo giving birth and immediately post-partum. However, despite what your hairbrush reveals, the hair loss is generally low and will cease after a couple of weeks.


Myth or Fact: Your Hair is Different after Pregnancy

This one also seems to be true for many moms, who report changes to texture and curl of their hair after baby. Many women report having hair that feels coarser than before. This can be a positive in that coarse hair generally is thicker and holds curls or other styles a little better than fine hair. So, this change in your hair might be a good thing.

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through incredible changes. Some of them are temporary, while others are permanent. They can be related to hormones, stress or diet. Thankfully – where your hair is concerned – the changes are generally mild and quite manageable. In the end, a change in your hair is a small tradeoff for the new baby in your life.



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