7 Best Snacks for Kids

It seems like kids are always hungry and asking for a snack to tide them over until the next meal so snacks are an essential item to have in your pantry. Kids will also need snacks for the first few years in elementary school, so now is the time to research snack foods to find the healthiest and the best for them and for you.

Finger Food

The first snack that many kids get is Cheerios. It's good finger food and it tastes good, so there is no reason to stop eating Cheerios even when the high chair is long gone. Cheerios are super portable so putting some in a snack bag for on the road or in a school lunch is still a popular option. For a healthier snack switch to multi or whole grain Cheerios.

Cheese is another great snack food for everyone. It contains protein which helps you feel fuller longer and calcium for building strong bones. For a fun twist on plain cheese, cut out fun shapes with a cookie cutter and serve on skewers with fruit. Another way to serve cheese for extra portability is in cubes, which can be bought ready-made, or in individual cheese sticks, either ready-made or individually packaged or DIY sticks made at home.

Best Snacks for Kids


Fruit is always a great snack for everyone and although apples and bananas are the most popular, another great option is strawberries.  They are packed with vitamin C and protein.  For a less expensive option, you can use frozen strawberries mixed in with other berries and packed in a plastic container.  Frozen berries are not finger food, but are still a good option for a snack.

Smoothies are a very popular and a great snack, made with yogurt, juice, and fruit, that makes them very nutritious. For the smooth in smoothie, use low or non-fat yogurt, orange or other juice, and a banana to round out the base for creaminess, and add peaches, strawberries or other fruit. This can go in the car, in a sealed container for school, or anywhere you do.

Stealth Foods

A great way to get picky kids to eat fruit and vegetables is to use in a recipe that masquerades as a sweet treat.  There are many great baked goods that have fruits and veggies and no one will ever know they are in there if you don’t tell.  Try banana bread or muffins, zucchini bread or muffins, or carrot muffins for starters.

Frozen yogurt is a great way to get your kids to eat it if they do not care for yogurt in its store container.  So to get the healthy benefits of non-fat yogurt, along with some fruit, mix some with berries or granola, pour into a Popsicle mold, and freeze.  These are a great summer-time treat.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of many essential vitamins and minerals.  For a healthy dose of vitamin A, B-6, C and foliate in a portable snack, slice thin and bake into sweet potato chips.

It is not as difficult to find healthier snack food options as you might think even if you are not wild about the idea of homemade treats.  Cheese and fresh fruit are two of the best simple snack foods and can go as-is.  Get creative and have some fun whipping up healthy snacks for the whole family.



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