Nutritious Snacks Every Kid Loves

It’s every parent’s dilemma – finding a snack for our kiddos that is both healthy and something they will actually eat!  There is no points giving them carrots if they won’t eat it, but it seems like kids don’t eat anything half of the time. They want a certain texture, or a certain food – no exceptions or substitutions allowed!  They love desert of almost any kind, but hate the bland, sometimes bitter tastes of healthy foods like carrots, broccoli, or pepper sticks. So how in the world can we circumvent this?  What are some snacks that kids will love, but that are also healthy?  Here are a few options that you can turn to for the next time your child wants a little something between meals!

Nutritious snacks every kid loves

Sweet Potato fries

A healthier version of French fries, simply cut up a sweet potato into wedges, salt, and bake in the oven to the desired texture (crispy is great!) This sweet, savory version of fries is not only healthier, but also a delicious option that your kids will love!  They can dip them in ketchup, mustard, or a variety of their favorite dips. Plus, they taste great for the adults too!

Cheese sticks

Containing dairy and plenty of healthy fats, cheese is a great, quick snack for the entire family.  Meant to give a quick boost that will last for a while, sticks of cheese are easy to prepare, and don’t require any dipping sauces or extra ingredients to taste amazing!

Apples and Peanut Butter

Most kids love their peanut butter – but celery may not be an option everyone will eat.  However, apples come in all different sizes, tastes, and textures the will allow you to find a favorite for everyone!  If your kids are like mine, you may need to peel the skin off – but they still receive vitamins, healthy fats, and protein from this delicious, simple snack. Simply cut into fun, dippable wedges, put some peanut butter in a bowl or cup, and let them have fun with their snack!

Almond whip

This snack is wonderful – but be wary of the nuts.  Ensure any children who may come in contact with this delicious treat are not allergic to nuts.  My son and I discovered this little morsel when we spilled nuts while over at grandma’s house! Mince some almonds and walnuts into small bits. Whip a decent amount of whipping cream until sweet and delicious (right before it becomes butter!), add a little bit of cream cheese and your choice of sweetener (we used some xylitol), and you have a delicious snack full of protein and healthy fats that will keep their brains happy and give them plenty of energy until their next meal!  The great thing is that this can also be used as a desert – it’s that good!

All of these ideas are void of any added sugar or unhealthy components – meaning they will keep your children full, happy, and healthy throughout the day!

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