3 Sugary Foods you can give your kids

Kids crave sugar all of the time.  It is a sweet, addictive substance that most people find delicious.  Why is that though?  It is because sugar is addictive.  In fact, high amounts of sugar light up the brain just like heroin.  If given in high enough doses, sugar can be used to wean an addict off of heroin.  So it’s not a substance that you want your kids to be eating very much of.  In our modern age, we have sugar in almost everything – in our ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, bread, sodas, juice – refined sugar is everywhere! It’s no wonder we are all so addicted. Having gone through withdrawals after quitting sugar, I can assure you that it isn’t fun.

So how in the world can we let our kids have something sweet if we can’t give them sugar?!?!?!? There are a lot of delicious things that either don’t contain refined sugar at all, or contain only small amounts.  Occasionally, you can give kiddos something with higher sugar, but it definitely should be done in moderation.  So what CAN we give our kids?

  1. Grilled bananas with cereal!

Bananas are LOADED with natural sugars.  A regular banana can be viewed as boring by a lot of kids – but if you grill a banana, the sugars will caremalize into a sweet, sugary treat that kids can love!  This makes a great desert for kiddos, tastes sweet, and everyone can have it – even if you have a child who is diabetic, this is something they can safely eat!


  1. Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream with Fruit!

Some added sugar is OK.  If your child doesn’t have anything else with added sugar, a Greek Yogurt can be a nice treat.  If your child eats a lot of sugar, this will likely taste bitter – once their addiction to sugar is eradicated though, it can actually taste unbearably sweet!  I have to mix sour cream in mine now to make it bearable to my taste buds – and it makes it last longer! Pick a plain Greek Yogurt – or even sour cream – and place some fruit in it.  My son loves it when I mix in Frozen bananas and Strawberries, and then microwave for about 30 seconds. It starts to thaw the fruit, releasing sweet juices into the mixture and naturally sweetening the dish.

  1. Chocolate Cake.

You can find a variety of chocolate cake recipes that actually use bananas in place of sugar.  Bananas are like Nature’s sweetener – when mixed into things like breads or cakes, it makes a sweet and moist treat that kids can’t even tell has no added sugar!

Giving our kids sugary things isn’t a problem – the kind of sugar is.  All three of the things listed above are sugary – but they aren’t filled with refined sugar! There are multiple forms of sugar in our food, now all we have to do is find the right ones. Once you do, that sweet spot will be satisfied every time (And you won’t have the sugar crash like you get with added, refined sugar!).




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