3 Handmade Glitter Painting Ideas

Paintings can be so much fun to put up on your walls – they can make a basic house into an awesome home! It is so much fun to go shopping for them, and find that perfect piece.  But they can be So. Expensive. Getting true, unique paintings can run anywhere from 20 dollars from an amateur painter to thousands of dollars. This isn’t exactly conducive to decorating your house on a budget.  So why not make your own?  Many people add paintings to their home for a splash of color – for a bright spot in their day. Some even choose to have an entire wall painting created! If you like bright, sparkly paintings, the cost is rarely worth it for multiple decorations. So how do we fix this?  Here are a few ideas.

  1. Psychedelic


If you like paintings just for color and prefer abstract to concrete paintings, this style is just for you.  Incredibly easy to do, Simply take some balloons and fill with a glitter/paint mix.  Make sure they are tied off well.  Now, take them outside and attach to a canvas (make sure you have plastic on the ground, you don’t want a glitter sidewalk!). Take some darts, and have fun letting the colors mix and create a crazy painting!  If you’re noticing any parallels to a scene from the Disney Movie Princess Diaries – that is the inspiration for this style!  I have a few paintings I have created this way, and it is a lot of fun – and colorful too!


  1. Walls!

Do you really LOVE glitter?  Paint an entire wall!  A fun (and easy) way to do a Glitter wall is to stay a little more uniformed.  The glitter is a unique touch onto a classic wall. First, apply whatever coat it is that you prefer for a base (beige, red, blue, etc.). Next, grab a glitter topcoat (you can actually find these in most paint stores, or special order!). Take the glitter, and paint it over the wall.  I actually prefer to do this more creatively – paint different shapes or designs, and have the wall become a unique work of art on its own!

  1. Cut outs.

Lastly, have some fun with cut outs!  Similar to the wall idea, use a large area (whether it is a large canvas or a wall, either works!) Paint the backdrop a darker color (I like navy blue!).  Next, find cutouts of animals and shapes that you like, and create your very own painting!  You don’t have to be a master painter to do this, and for those not as steady with a brush, this is a great alternative to the Free design style suggested above.  You can make an entire scene, or randomly put cutouts of your favorite things onto the walls. The best part about these?  You can add something that is both attention grabbing, but not being overwhelming or very abstract.  It creates a large, bright splash of happiness in your room, and can be all sorts of colors or designs.



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