Easy Asian Fish Cakes

When it comes to Asian fish cakes you can whip up a restaurant-worthy recipe at home in no time at all.  These fish cakes are easy and delicious plus the ingredients for them are widely available.  You can go from mold to wild with these recipes and personalize them to create something perfect especially for you.  Light and zesty fish cakes are a great way to introduce yourself or others to fish plus they freeze beautifully making them a convenient meal.

Getting Started

No matter which recipe you are working with you are going to have the same basic ingredients such as fish, some type of breading (usually panko bread crumbs), and seasonings.  A dipping sauce is completely optional and the choices for these also offer a wide variety of choices.

Basic Fish Cakes

This is a great base recipe as it can be dressed up or down and uses affordable cod.  You can also use canned tuna or salmon as the flavors of these fish mix very well with Asian seasonings.  You can also cut this recipe in half as it is designed to serve four to six people.

Fish Cake

You will need two pounds of cod or some other flaky whitefish, 2 eggs, half a cup of panko bread crumbs (plus more for dredging), a quarter cup of chopped fresh cilantro, two tablespoons of grated ginger, one tablespoon of lime zest, two teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of pepper, and based upon preference 4 thinly sliced green onions or half a cup of finely shredded carrots.

Put the fish in a food processor and pulse it until it is minced.  Be careful as you do not want a mushy paste.  If you are using canned fish you can eliminate this step.  Transfer the fish to a large bowl then add the eggs, bread crumbs, lime zest, and spices.  This would also be the time to add the vegetables if you are using any.  Using your hands or a spatula gently fold the ingredients until they are well combined.  In a nonstick skillet add a splash of grapeseed or canola oil then add a small pinch of the fish mixture and fry for about one minute.  Taste the piece to determine if the cakes need any additional seasoning and repeat this process until you have achieved the desired flavor.

Fill a shallow dish with the panko crumbs then shape the fish mix into cakes about two inches in diameter and one inch thick.  Evenly coat each cake then pour a half inch of oil into the skillet.  You will need to cook the fish cakes in batches to make sure things don’t get too crowded and make sure they are about an inch apart.  You will need to cook the cakes about 2-3 minutes on each side and try to only turn them once.  As they come out of the skillet place them on paper towels to drain the excel oil.  With that you have a great base recipe for Asian fish cakes which can be tapered to please a wide range of pallets and can be served as an appetizer, entrée, or warmed up for a savory midnight snack.




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