Who Makes The Safest Baby Shampoo?

Deciding which shampoo to buy for your baby can be a difficult decision, especially with the many different options and manufacturers to choose from. Read these facts to help you decide which shampoo is best for your baby; you may be surprised by some of this information!

Tear-Free Baby Shampoo: A Good or Bad Buy?

It is no surprise that your baby is going to get pretty dirty. From the food all over their face and in their hair, it is no surprise that your washing machine is going to be full of baby outfits on the regular—but what about cleaning your baby? Many people only buy the tear-free shampoos because they do not want their babies’ eyes stinging when they are getting the food off their forehead. Yet, did you know that these tear-free shampoos actually have a numbing agent in them? Yes, they do!

Safest Baby Shampoo

Here is a list of some of the best shampoos on the market for your baby:

Babo Botanicals

Created in New York, Babo products are made completely with natural fragrences. Also, all of these baby shampoos also work as a great bubble bath! If you choose this product, just make sure to keep an eye out for a few of their shampoos as they do contain sodium benzoate. However, the majority of their products do not.

Nature’s Paradise Foam Shampoo

Nature’s paradise is a popular choice among moms, yet it is a more expensive option. You can choose between the unscented kind or you can venture out for the coconut scented shampoo. This shampoo is made out of water and all natural ingredients, mainly organic saponofied coconut oil

Lafes Organic Baby Shampoo and Gentle Wash

You will find this bottle in BPA-free plastic as well as phthalate. This means that your baby will be able to stay far away from the scented shampoos that leave them smelling frilly and like they just walked out of Bath and Body Works.

California Baby

You can buy this shampoo in a 17.5 bottle and it is made out a variety of natural vegetable clucoside cleansers. This means that your baby’s shampoo will be sulfate free and biodegradable. When using this soap, you will not be overwhelmed with a scent, yet you will notice a calming and fresh fragrance in the air.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

This baby wash is a great option for your baby as it is gentle and smells great! It is naturally scented with organic vanilla and sweet orange oil, as well as calendula for soothing action. It is NSF/ANSI certified by Oregon Tilth, toxin free.

At the end of the day, there really is no one baby shampoo that every mom should buy. This is because parents have different preferences and you need to consider what is and what is not acceptable to put on your child. Many people use the generic and cheap baby shampoo, believing that these products are all the same, yet, we know the truth—there are so many great options!

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