Healthy Hash

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If you are a mom, dad or care giver to children, you know how challenging it can be to prepare deliciously healthy, make ahead meals everyone loves. While make ahead meals do not necessarily have to be designed using a "one size fits all" strategy, healthy dishes which can be easily prepared and frozen can come in handy for many meal-planning occasions. Never underestimate the power of freshly frozen, healthy recipes you can make ahead and thaw out in a hurry. Make a big batch to have a little now and more later!

Two of the easiest recipe categories to rely on for breakfast, lunch and dinner are hash and hash browns recipes. They may sound the same, but each has its own unique, full-bodied characteristics which involve recipe creating fun and scrumptious end results. The magic, of course, is in the ingredients!

Ideas for the tastiest hash browns begin with nicely browned, grated potatoes. Always a favorite! Adding a little butter, garlic and onion offers promising delight for discerning taste buds. Mix it up a little by using red potatoes, sweet potatoes or a combination to incorporate varying textures and flavors. Crispy, savory hash browns make perfect side dishes or single-serving meals. Easy to make, easy to freeze - hash browns can conveniently become an easy go-to part of any meal planning effort.

Cooking up chock full of flavor dishes is easy to do when exploring delicious hash recipes. With a few extra fresh vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini and green peppers in the works, simple hash suddenly becomes a main course. Toss in some seasoned ground pork, aged cheddar cheese and organic eggs, and watch another fabulously fulfilling dish magically come to life for your hungry army! Draining ground pork (or any ground meat) will remove high caloric fat while still providing healthful flavor. Or Try adding cubed ham with your cheddar cheese for a yummy hash.

Don't forget the delicious hash browns you prepared earlier. When hash ingredients are combined with the roasty-toasty flavor of hash browns and fresh vegetables the world of tasty delights just keeps getting better. Like it spicy? Add a little cumin or pepper flakes for that perfect bite.

The bottom line to incorporating healthy smorgasbords on the go is about preparing, freezing and serving flavorful foods on the fly. Turn up the hash-style meal planning volume. When meals are this mouthwatering and easy everything else seems to fall into place!


Strawberry Freezer Jam

jamCheck out this quick and simple recipe for Strawberry Freezer Jam share it or store it...and best of all - save money in the process.


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Use Your Freezer to Save Money on Groceries



I spent part of yesterday at Costco and left with sticker shock - and LOTS of milk.  =) 

When the price of milk started to rise (dramatically) I begin looking for ways to save money on our grocery bill.  The price of milk at our local Costco store is usually half the price at our local grocery store.  Therefore, I did a little research on freezing milk and learned that it is possible, simple and it does not harm the quality of the milk

Since the prices of nearly everything else are rising as well, I thought about ways to buy additional items in bulk and freeze them (like cheeses, breads, eggs, etc..)

Here are a few useful links I discovered in my search.


Hopefully they will help you make a dent in your rising grocery bill as well.

Once a Month Cooking Video Tutorials

This weekend my husband and I spent nearly $300 at Costco stocking up on items like cheese, milk, butter, eggs and cereal. Perhaps you noticed the cost of these items skyrocketing too?

When I didn't have two preschoolers underfoot I spent one weekend each month preparing a months' worth of meals. While the cooking day wasn't exactly fun (unless you *really* like cooking) I saved a tremendous amount of money and I loved having healthy "fast food" to serve each evening.

As a result of the recent jump in grocery prices, I am revisiting once a month cooking (or freezer cooking) as a way to save money on our families' grocery bill.

Since I am "polishing up" myself, I thought I would share some resources with you...

Fix, Freeze, Fast – An At-Home Alternative to Popular Meal Assembly Kitchens

Meal assembly kitchens have become all the rage lately.  If you've never been to one, the concept is simple.  You choose your menu from a variety of dishes and then assemble them in a professional kitchen for later use.

I decided to try the service about a year ago and I loved it.  I gathered a bunch of girlfriends and we had a blast making delicious meals together (and not worrying about clean-up).  I would do it every month...if I had a six-figure income.

The only drawback to these centers (in my opinion, of course) is that they can be expensive.  You could create twice as many meals at a fraction of the cost by creating your own meal assembly center in the comfort of your own home.

This video will show you how to quickly and easily create a tasty freezable dish.