How to Be a Good Role-Model for Your Family

Research has shown time and time again that young people look up to their parents as a role-model and someone to follow by example. Almost half of the teens in our country say that one of their parents are their role-model and the other half say it’s a close famiy member.

With so many young people watching our every move we need to lead them by example and guide them into making smart decisions. It’s important to be the best role-model you can especially since so many young eyes with undeveloped brains are watching you and learning from you. With these tips you’ll be the role-model you want to be and your family needs.

Sharing Your Values

Don’t assume that your family, especially your children, know all the values you agree on when it comes to your family. You need to teach them that your family won’t tolerate drug use, alcohol use or disrespectful behavior. Some crucial values to teach are honestly, responsible and reliable. Remember to always lead by example too. If you’re teaching one thing to your family you need to be doing exactly what you’re teaching. They will follow in your lead.

How to Be a Good Role-Model for Your Family

Self-Respect and Self-Esteem

Make sure you are taking excellent care of yourself first. Your family will notice that and want to take good care of them also. Teaching your family how to properly eat a healthy diet, get sleep and exercise will imprint self-respect early on which will lead to a higher self-esteem. Your children will imitate you so always remember to evoke positive behaviors.

Share Success and Failures

It’s okay to let your family know when you have failed at something. It’s important to let your children know that they can’t always be successful in everything they do. Teaching them that giving their all in everything they do will help them realize that failing sometimes is okay. Just pick it up and try again. You’re also teaching your children that mistakes happen and can actually give you an important lesson. Mistakes open the door for opportunities of learning. If you’re showing them this behavior on top of teaching them they will understand that mistakes and change happen. It’s part of life.

Show Your Love to Each Member of the Family

Eventually showing your love to each member of the family will teach your children that everyone in the family is equal and each person deserves the same treatment. Teach your children that spending time with each other is fun and should be valued. Taking a genuine interest in each person’s life and school activities will teach your children that they are valuable and important to you. Spending time with each child is the easiest way to gain their respect and trust.

Being a positive role-model for your family is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It all starts with how you treat yourself and each member of the family. Provoke positive words, emotions and love and your family will lead by example.