Steps to Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence

One wants nothing more than to praise their child, but is mere praise enough?  And how sincere is that praise?  If one is to raise a confident child with true self-esteem, it is going to take work and not just empty words.  You have to set a bar, a standard for your kids and work with them to meet this bar.  A word of caution:  do not set the bar too high and do not try to make your child make up for your shortcomings.

Let Them Learn Life Lessons

You want to protect your children, but at the same time you have to prepare them for the challenges they will face in life.  To do this, let them make their own choices (to an extent), solve problems, and encourage them to continue things they have started such as interests or hobbies.  Simply put, kids must develop competence, this is not something they can be taught it is something that must be learned.

Be a Good Role Model

If you want to raise a confident child, you must be a strong role model.  If you have decided to become a parent, you must fully realize this responsibility and provide a strong example for your children.  How can you raise a strong, confident, competent, and healthy child if you cannot lead by example?  It is wrong, if not hypocritical, to ask your child to do things and act in ways you yourself are not willing to adhere to.  You must be mindful of your words, actions, and gestures in front of your child.

Steps to Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence

For example, a coworker of mine told me the story of his much younger sister’s first word.  Their father swore like a sailor around them morning, noon, and night.  One night at a family dinner, the infant clearly said her first word which was none other than one of their father’s frequently-used euphemisms.  It wasn’t exactly what the family had in mind for the baby’s first word.

Let You Kids Be Themselves

You have an ideal for your child, but sometimes that ideal is not what is realistic.  We are all different, this diversity is an integral part of humanity.  If you want to raise a confident child, you must let that child be his or herself.  If there is one way to ruin a kid, it is to force them to be something they are not.  You must let your child become the person they were meant to be, pursue their interests, and participate in activities of their choosing.  Do not force something on your child they dislike, let them make their own choices and follow their passions.  Most importantly, you cannot let other people judge you.  What is more important-your pride or your child’s happiness?

Teach Your Kids Responsibility

From the moment you can, teach your kids about responsibility.  Let them assist you in every way they can from as early as possible, even if it is to hand you a cup to put in the dishwasher.  Responsibility teaches awareness and from this awareness comes confidence.  In doing this, when you thank and praise your child, you are truly building their confidence as there is purpose to their actions and your words.  When your child does something positive, give positive feedback.  Teach them that helping others is one of the most fulfilling things they can do.

Use simple, common sense, methods to build your child’s self-esteem.  Utilize these real world tips to help your children flourish and boost their confidence.