Why a Sleep Away Camp Is So Beneficial—for Parents

There is a tag word trending around in parent psychology circles right now and take it from me it's not cool to be catching that label as a parent. “Helicopter parenting” is when you go a bit overboard with your adoration and smother the kids. Your child can certainly do without an extra serving of a super-sized cup of love,  but as a parent you may not realize how over parenting is having a negative impact on YOUR OWN life.

The problem

When walking the apple of your eye to the bus stop every day, turns into hour long drives to camp, just to deliver a bag of cookies, please know that you have messed up. But relax and continue reading, we are going to fix this.

Kids grow up fast and yes they do need your constant love and attention during toddlerdom but if you're not careful you will not see it coming when it actually does. A couple of years in and suddenly your whole life are planned around the kid’s soccer schedule, their homework routines and their timetables. You spend less and less time with your own friends and your kid’s friends parents turn into your friends. Everything is a fast-paced race on the clock where you are fixing three breakfasts in fifteen minutes or running more laps in a car than Schumacher. Dropping them 5 minutes before class or picking them up from soccer practice or driving them to the mall and then coming home collapsing on the couch, spaced out on the TV making  a mental list of chores that need to be done at home. Now is the time to let your child experience life in a much more realistic way by letting them go to a sleep away camp for kids.

camp for kids

It's a fix, did not see that one coming

If you were going sick from missing your kids when they were away at camp and are shocked to find out they did not miss you that much, maybe it's time to realize that you cannot depend just on the kids as your only source of happiness and joy.

Seven weeks away at a sleep away camp is somewhat a standard period of planned separation between parents and their children as part of a sleep-away camp experience.

Take this time to reconnect with yourself and your significant other and slow things down to a nice focused and enjoyable pace. Take a romantic weekend out together yourselves to rekindle the romance and spice back into your lives. Get your social circle back in order and invite some long lost friends to a great evening back at your place and catch up on old times.

Sleep Away Camp for Kids is Ideal

Wow, you can already feel that the stress levels are so much lower. Maybe you have also started to take note of the relationship between you and your child.  You are reevaluating things much more positively now, yes you do love your kids so very much, but there are something’s you can now let go off. Maybe now when they are back from camp, they can wake up a few minutes earlier to fix the bed sheets. They certainly will be in great practice after seven weeks away from home making their own bed every morning!

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