The Ultimate Parenting Tips to Care for Newborns

care of your baby

Congratulations! You’ve brought your new baby home and started life as a family. And now the fear sets in if you’re a new parent.

You’ve heard all the horror stories about sleepless nights and even worse days. Relax. We’re here to give you the ultimate tips on caring for your newborn.

Parent a Newborn without Losing Your Mind

We know that sounds sort of extreme but the non-stop needs of infants can make you crazy.

Stop listening to every piece of advice you’ve heard or read about and take care of your baby instinctually. Listening to your own voice will help keep you calm.

Don’t even think about housework in the first couple of months after you’ve brought home your new child. Take the time to bond with your baby and get to know each other.

Say yes to family or friends who offer to help. You won’t get a medal for going this on your own if you’re a single parent. And make sure Dad pitches in too and that includes giving you a break to get outside for some “me” time.

Syncing Work with a New Baby

This actually applies more to the parent who goes to work each day outside the home but can apply equally to household chores. Ask your partner to take some family leave time from work and let them have some alone time with the baby.

Split the everyday chores like cleaning and hitting the market.

Let your husband take over some of your parenting duties to give you some time off. And don’t be afraid to let him do things his own way -- even if that means making some mistakes.

Amp Up Your Bag of Tricks

You’re going to have times when your baby is fussy so be prepared to increase your bag of tricks. Trial and error will be your friend in the first few months as you learn what your baby needs.

If diaper changing time means a nuclear meltdown, it may be because she’s cold and that’s a problem for her. Try warming up her wipes to keep her nice and cozy.

Music is also a universally instant soother for Mom and baby.

Sleep Deprivation is a Given

Yes, you’re going to lose sleep in the first few months of being a mom. Although newborns sleep about 16 hours a day, it isn’t 16 straight hours so you may find you need to be on alert a lot more than you did before you had your child.

Sleep when she sleeps. We know that’s an old adage but it’s absolutely true.

And do the work in shifts with your partner. If you’re up at night, let him do the work in the morning so you can sleep in. Then he can nap later on while you’re on duty.

If your baby is the one having trouble sleeping, do whatever it takes to help them rest. Don’t fret about any bad habits at this point. Sleep is the most important part for good development.

You’ll be a newborn expert in no time by using these few simple tips.

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