3 Educational Movies You Must Watch with Your Kids

Most children absolutely love movies, and jump at just about any chance to veg out in front of one. The line is drawn, though, when it comes to educational movies... those all seem to be boring or just not entertaining enough. As parents, we want our children to enjoy learning as they grow, and finding solid educational films is one solid way to ensure that happens. Added bonuses factor in when these flicks are worth your time, as well. Believe it or not, there are a few educational movies out there that will keep both you and your child entertained.

March of the Penguins

Actor Morgan Freeman narrates this documentary film that depicts the annual journey taken by the emperor penguins of Antarctica. It begins in Autumn, as all penguins of breeding age leave the ocean, their normal habitat, to walk inland to their ancestral breeding grounds. There, the penguins find a mate and produce an egg that results in the hatching of a chick. Over the next year, both penguin parents make multiple journeys to and from the ocean from the breeding ground in order to produce food to ensure the chick's survival.

The film is wrought with intense situations as the penguins face predators and environmental challenges, but is lighthearted and amusing as it really emphasizes the beauty and the quirkiness of these cute animals. In 2005, the film actually won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Truly, you'll learn something new each time you watch it, and you'll laugh and cry while you do.

Educational Movies

Finding Nemo

Entertainment really melds with education in this funny and cute film about the underwater world. It all starts when an over-protective clownfish forbids his son, Nemo, from swimming out of their Pacific Ocean Reef. Nemo rebels, and in turn is taken on a wild journey away from his home. Eager to find and rescue his son from the dangers of the ocean, the clownfish and his friend Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) set out on a great adventure to bring Nemo home. The movie explores and educates children about anemones, coral reefs, sea turtles and the different types of species found in the ocean. Ecological messages abound in this one that proves to be a hit for both children and adults alike.


Disney Nature released its documentary “Bears” in 2014, and quickly found it to be a hit among parents and children who are eager to learn. It's a film that depicts the fierce Alaskan grizzly bear family in their everyday life and habitat. The cubs, who are adorably curious and oh-so cute, are taught important lessons daily as they approach dangerous situations with innocent and inexperienced minds and bodies. Kids will learn a ton about brown bears, and about the role of the irreplaceable role of mother bear in the family. Intense situations abound as the bears face challenges in the wild.

Any one of these educational films will do more than teach your child something new – they'll entertain for hours while imparting a plethora of useful information. We guarantee that both you and your child will watch these films once, and look forward to seeing them again in the future.