A Quick Guide to Toothpick Crafts

Any parent of a child under the age of 8 understands the prevalence of toothpicks in their day to day life. It's amusing, really, how these tiny craft sticks wind up everywhere – under couch cushions, in air vents, behind the refrigerator. They're an unquestionable staple for any little crafter, that's for sure. As a parent, you'll want to have access to a toothpick craft guide, so to speak, that you can reference whenever you need to entertain during craft time.

Pairs Well with Food...

Lacking in the adhesive department – no glue or tape lying around? Spring for food. Toothpicks make everything more fun, and food as at the top of that list. Make a house out of marshmallows, or gumdrops for a great learning experiences (depending on the age, skill level and intensity of the exercise), and will keep children occupied for a while. At its simplest, you can entertain a young child for hours creating 1 or 2 dimensional shapes. In a more complex way, you can introduce older children to facets of engineering and encourage them to strategically create their own free standing structures.

Toothpick Crafts

Great for Fine Motor Development

Your child will think it's all fun and games, but you'll have the quiet understanding that they're working hard on their pincher grasp. Take any object that's puncturable (styrofoam, or a rice crispy treat works great), and show them how to create a porcupine by pressing the toothpicks down into the center.

Helpful When Studying Chemistry

Most middle schoolers are all too familiar with just how boring chemistry can be. It's true – certain molecules look a certain way and have a certain name, and that's important! A fun way to help your kids learn these scientific facts? Use grapes and toothpicks to have them create the shapes of each molecule, and pair with a notecard of facts to memorize all the while. Create a matching activity where you pair your notecards with your toothpick molecules the night before a big test! 

Fun When Implementing in Art

Did you know that you can “paint” with a toothpick? It's actually different than painting with a brush; rather, you'll use your toothpick to pull paint off a page, leaving a trace white line in its wake. It's a different kind of painting that most every child enjoys, and it only takes a few toothpicks to create a really cool painting!

Lesson learned? If you've got toothpicks on hand, your opportunities for arts, crafts and entertainment are nearly endless.

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