Smart Grocery Shopping Tips to Save You Money

Grocery Shopping Tips

At some point during every week we all end up at the grocery store. And it seems like prices just keep going up and up and up.

What can you do to save money but still get everything you need for your family? We’ve developed some smart tips to help you make every dollar count and come out on top.

Dump the Huge Shopping Cart

Believe it or not, shopping carts have grown in size along with the need for grocery stores to make as much money as possible. What can you do to save at checkout? Grab a mini cart or basket when you just need a few things.

The Middle is a Great Place to Be

If you’re like us, you tend to start at one end of the store and head through to the other end. To save some money, change it up and begin in the middle where there are fewer bright colors and boxes calling your name.

Earbuds Will Keep You Focused

Grocery stores love to slow you down and make you buy more. How? Slow music over speakers makes you stroll not power walk. Listen to your favorite workout music and keep your pace brisk.

Ditch the Deli Counter

It’s tempting to go pick up a few things at the deli counter but it’s often less expensive to buy pre-packaged items in the refrigerated section. Why? Plain packaging saves you money.

Sale Prices May be Deceptive

Keep your eye out for sales or discounts on certain items. But sales are good, right? Sometimes yes, other times they lure you in. Make sure you are picking up the item that’s really got a sale going instead of a similar package that is full price.

Buy Produce by the Piece

Sometimes buying produce by the piece is a less expensive option that in bulk. It also lets you inspect the produce to make sure you get the highest quality possible.

Don’t be Afraid to Walk Away From Those 10 Items for $10 Promos

They look really great, don’t they? But the truth is that the price per item could actually be higher in those kinds of deals. Always check it out carefully before diving in.

Thaw Seafood at Home

Have you ever experienced this: You’re at the seafood counter of your store and see a package that says it was previously frozen? Don’t bother. Many times this is the same thing you’d find in the frozen aisle but the store thawed it and marked it up.

A Thought When You’re Buying Meat

Instead of buying pre-cut steaks and ground beef, ask the butcher to cut a larger piece of meat into what you would like. For example, you could buy a large roast and have it cut into cubes for beef stew, some of it run through the grinder for burgers, and even get the bones for soup.

We’re all up against the same price increased every week but if you use some of these tips, you’ll come out ahead and still feed your family well.

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