How to Make Christmas Cards on a Budget

Making Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are wonderful to receive at the holidays but can be really pricey if you’re trying to do Christmas on a budget.

So what can you do?

Pick up some card stock or even heavy construction paper and get the kids involved to make one-of-a-kind Christmas cards to send to friends and family.

Snowflake Card

Using black construction paper, take a snowflake stamp and some silver or gold ink for an elegant Christmas card.  Even easier, pick up some already purchased small snowflakes and glue them on the front of a black card.

Remember when signing the card to use a Sharpie with either gold or silver ink.  Have the kids get involved with choosing the kind and number of snowflakes for the front of the card.

Christmas Present Card

Choose a light colored stock or construction paper as the card itself.  If your kids are old enough, have them help you cut out small squares in different colored pieces of construction paper.  Glue the squares on the front of the card and add a bow to the top.

Then put your family holiday letter inside and send it off.

Photo Card

Take some light colored construction paper, cut out family photos and glue them to the front.

Button Cards

These cards can be done with construction paper and thread for another elegant handmade Christmas card.  You can use any color construction paper you want and find interesting buttons to sew on the front in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Your kids can help you with this by choosing the buttons to use and you can even shape the buttons in the form of a wreath and tie it with a bow.

Fresh Wreaths

This is a great idea that helps you use up some end of the season herbs in your garden.  You’ll want to use herbs like rosemary, sage or thyme because they are sturdier than basil or mint.  These can be shaped into mini wreaths and attached to the front of a card with some string.

Using Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps and ink are another way to create fun Christmas cards on a budget.  This is also the perfect activity for younger kids who are just starting to be interested in creating handmade gifts.

Find some fun Christmas themed rubber stamps at a local arts store or even a store like Wal-Mart that has a crafts section.  Pick up some different colored ink pads and start designing your cards.

Fabric Strips

This card is more for an older child or teenager to help with because a sewing machine is the best way to do this.  Take some attractive material and cut it into strips.  From top to bottom, the top strip will be the shortest and the bottom strip will be the longest and what you’re doing is creating a Christmas tree.

You will sew the strips onto the front of the card with a sewing machine so that they stay in place.

Try some of the ideas above for cards that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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