Making a Safe and Fun Halloween Party

Four young friends and a woman at Halloween eating treats and sm

Boo! It's that time of the year for trick o' treaters, delicious candy, haunted houses and ghoulish parties. Yes, some people go to great financial lengths to pull off a Halloween extravaganza, with dry ice machines, pyrotechnics, catered food or even hired actors to play zombies and vampires! However, let's get real, the materials needed to make a fun, yet safe, Halloween party can easily be found. This would be a good time to check the garage, kitchen, bedroom and basement, for potential decoration ideas. Ghosts, spiderwebs, tombstones and traditional luminaries are decorations that can be made from everyday objects found in home.

Typically, Halloween luminaries are not safe; lunch bags with votive candles are a recipe for disaster, but there's a way around this problem. Rather than using a candle, try scrunching up sheets of yellow tissue paper and place them inside the lunch bag. For a little shimmer, add some glitter to the tissue, or apply glitter spray to the outside of the bag. The finished luminaries would look great surrounded by some creepy spiderwebs. If you happen to have small, battery operated lights, you could add those as well.

There are a few different approaches for making spiderwebs. Webs could look sleek and shiny or old and fuzzy. By far, cobwebs are the easiest type of spiderwebs to make, and they're probably the most creepy. Cotton balls, gauze and poly-fiber fill are all good materials for cobwebs. For fresh webs, try knotting together some silver holiday tinsel, or use an entire roll of plastic food wrap and twist it up to make webs. These webs would look eerie, when draped upon some haunting tombstones in a graveyard.

A do-it-yourself graveyard is a real treat to make! Along with luminaries and spiderwebs, homemade tombstones and ghosts add a spooky touch. For tombstones, find any cardboard box laying around, and cut out the desired shape and paint it. A coffin shape would also be a grand idea! To make the tombstones and coffins extra scary, add some blood red paint. For little ghosts, wrap up balls of old socks in white towels, sheets and construction paper; use holiday ornament hooks and string to hang them from the trees. The finished graveyard, or haunted house, would be a perfect place to set up tables, chairs and food, for the party. To make the party even spookier, have a CD of scary sounds playing in the background!