How Busy Moms Ace Homework and Other School Activities

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Today, most moms are busy regardless of whether they are stay-at-home mothers or work outside the home. But, moms still want to be of assistance to their children in all aspects of their lives. Consider some tips for parents that can simplify some daily activities.

Homework Time

Busy parents can still assist kids with homework. It's wise to set a specific time for homework so kids won't be working on math assignments until midnight. For kids who are having trouble with a subject, parents can take them on a trip to the library for helpful supplemental materials. In addition, it's effective for parents to reward kids who put forth their best efforts on challenging and easy assignments alike.

Encouraging Extracurricular Activities

There are a lot of reasons for moms to encourage their children to choose an extracurricular activity. For one, an activity can help a kid to make more friends. For instance, a child with an interest in acting or set decoration can help with the school play. The child will have the opportunity to meet other kids with a shared interest in theater. Sometimes a kid knows exactly what he or she wants to do and other times a kid needs a little nudge...

A mom who wants to encourage a kid to try an extracurricular activity can share her positive experiences. For example, she may have run for class president in the seventh grade. She could describe the fun of making campaign posters and the excitement of the political debates with other students. A first-hand story from mom can go a long way to encouraging a kid to try an activity.

Helping with a Class Project

One way that a mom can be helpful to a kid who has a class project is to brainstorm ideas. For instance, if a daughter in the sixth grade is trying to figure out what to do for her history class project, parents can throw out some suggestions. This may prompt her to build on one of the suggestions or come up with a fresh idea.

Another way parents can assist a kid with a class project is to take them shopping for materials. Of course, it's best to establish a budget beforehand! Parents can answer kids' questions on what types of materials to buy as well as the quantities. Shopping together makes it a fun, shared experience.