Teaching Your Young Ones How To Stay Safe on the Internet

The internet is a big magical place that you can find just about anything at any time of the day. That also opens a lot of unwanted doors. Teaching your children internet safety at a young age is extremely important for them to develop a healthy relationship with their internet use later on down the road.

Teach Them Young

Whatever age you feel is secure for your children to start using the internet is the time to teach them how to safely use it. Teaching them at a young age, even before they start to utilize the internet will implement the proper foundation they need to make smart decisions.

Even if they are only using the computer or tablet next to you it’s still crucial for them to have the knowledge of how to stay safe while surfing the web. Your children need to be taught that the internet is just like the real world. Both have safe situations and bot have unsafe situations. If they can distinguish this at a young age they will be responsible.

Also, teaching them about passwords and usernames and how they protect our personal information is important. That way they will start to utilize and understand the protections that are available.

Teaching Your Young Ones How To Stay Safe on the Internet

Don’t Do Anything Online That You Wouldn’t Do Face To Face

This is one of the most important pieces of advice you can give your young ones about the internet. Explain to them that you wouldn’t go up to one of your friends in person and start to bully them would you? You wouldn’t go up to a complete stranger at the store and start a conversion would you? None of this should be taking place online either. Explaining the difference to them will help them understand that bullying and strangers still apply to the internet as well and not just outside life.

We teach our children not to speak to strangers so now it’s time to teach them to ignore strangers online also. The internet can be a dangerous place just like the outside world. Our children are our future so we need to create the safety precautions to guide them safely.

Once It’s Been Written It Can’t Be Deleted

Teach your children that what they write and talk about over the internet is permanent. Teach them that if they wouldn’t discuss it with family or friends then it shouldn’t be discussed over the internet.

Even if you think no one has seen it, it can be copied and come back to haunt you later on. Teach your children that what they utilize on the internet now will still be seen once they start applying to college, jobs and internships. They will understand that their future isn’t worth jeopardizing.

Surfing the web should be enjoyable for your and your children. Teaching your young ones early on about how to stay safe on the internet is the key to successful internet utilization.