Why Video Games for Kids Are a Good Idea

Video Games for Kids

Video games in moderation can be a very good idea for kids. Notice we mentioned moderation.

We’re not advocating hours of play nor do we think that violent games are appropriate, especially for younger children.

Motor Skills

We’ve all tried to play a video game with our kids and have had them beat the pants off us. Why? Their game playing has helped them hone their fine motor skills.

It’s that old eye/hand coordination thing that we had to master when we were kids ourselves. Video games help increase those skills in your kids – and they get to play at the same time.

Team Work

Besides sports, kids can learn the value of team work if they are playing with friends or even involved in an MMORPG. That’s a mouthful, huh? It stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and it’s very popular.

Problem Solving Skills

Games that require kids to solve particular problems help with logic skills which will serve them well in the future. Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning to make choices and not being hemmed in by those choices. It’s okay to change your mind and a game that encourages kids to make different choices will elevate their confidence.

These kinds of logic skills will also help children when they get to the point in school where homework is online and may involve problem solving. College testing involves a lot of problem solving and video games can help get them in shape.

Keep the Console in a Public Place

One thing that will help give you some peace of mind is by keeping the computer console in a place where you can see it like the living or family room.

That way you will be able to see what they are playing and shut down anything you think isn’t age appropriate.

Strategy and Creativity

This section goes along with the prior section on problem solving. Certain video games can increase fact finding, critical thinking and creativity skills that will help your kids be better stewards of information in the age of everything online.

And from players often comes developers and programmers. Your child may turn out to be the next computer game revolutionary all because you allowed her to play games.

Women are now taking a much bigger role in game design and coding thanks to being influenced by video games at a young age.

Talk About It

If you’re concerned about your child’s video game playing, talk to them. Find out what they like about it and see if you can learn to play with them.

Understanding what draws them to a particular type of game will help you understand their motivation in wanting to play. It may be that they have formed some great alliances around the globe as a result of playing with other kids in Europe or Asia.

A recent study reported in the Journal of Pediatrics found that kids who play video games for about an hour a day are less hyperactive and much more social than those who did not play at all.

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