Get Your Kids Outdoors

Kids Outdoors

Teach your kids to love nature but taking them out in the great outdoors. Here are five great outdoors activities to get your kids a little exercise, a lot of fresh air and an appreciation for nature. These ideas require very little planning, virtually no equipment and you’ll probably find places to do them within minutes of your home.

Hit the Playground

Playgrounds are great places to get your kids outdoors and teach them to play well with others. Playgrounds in parks and at schools are great places to burn off some energy and have a little fun. The swings, slides and monkey bars are fun enough, but make it even better with a game of follow the leader. If there are other kids there, it’s a great opportunity to teach your child how to meet new friends, invite others to play and have a great time.

Hike a Trail

Check out local hiking trails in your area. Pick a well-traveled trail that’s appropriate for the age and skill level of your kids. In particular, handicap accessible, trails which loop back to the parking area are easy and fun. Take your camera along for a few photo opportunities which are sure to arise.

Take a Tree Tour

Plan a stroll through your neighborhood to look at the trees and get your kids outdoors. This is especially fun in the fall, when the leaves are turning and falling, but other times of year are great, too. Get an identification book and find out the names of the trees on your block. Take along paper and crayons to make rubbings of the bark by placing the paper against the trunk and rubbing the crayon on the paper. Collect seeds, cones or twigs from your trip.

Create Fun in the Backyard

Even the smallest yard can be a great place to play games, build a rock garden, grow vegetables or flowers or simply relax outside. Create mini-gardens with cool planters, raised beds or simply dedicate an area for the cool rocks you find when you’re out hiking. You can also head to the front yard and, if you have a sidewalk or any paved areas (i.e. driveways), get out the chalk and draw or play hopscotch. Remember jumping rope as a kid? Teach your children to do the same outdoor things you enjoyed at that age.

America’s Pastime

Nothing beats a live game of baseball. The bleachers, the hot dogs, the game and atmosphere: it’s summertime perfect. If you don’t live in a big city with a professional team, don’t worry. There’s baseball in your community:  club ball, little league or minor leagues. Ask around the head out to a game. You’ll be surprise how much fun you can have just watching the kids play a pickup game at the local field.

There you have it: five ideas for getting your kids outdoors. And outdoor fun can be a year-round option. Just be sure to dress for the weather and you’ll have fun outside in every season.