DIY: Make a Colorful Kite for Kids

There’s probably not a nicer sight than a colorful kite flying against a blue sky with a few puffy white clouds. But you don’t have to go out and buy a fancy kite to fly with your kids. It’s actually pretty simple to make your own. Even better, making a colorful kite for kids is not only a craft you can do together but once it’s finished you can experience your kid’s joy as she dashes around outside watching her kite in action.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Crafts knife

Two flat sticks: ½” wide x3/8” deep x 42” long and ½” wide x3/8” deep x 38” long

60 feet or more of string or twine

Elmer’s glue

Vellum or paper, 45 x 45 inches (pick the color you want to use for the main background of your kite)


Paint, glitter glue sticks, crayons, and colorful markers

Crepe paper and ribbons in various sizes and colors

Fast-drying glue



1. Use the crafts knife to carve a lengthwise notch that is ¼ inch deep into both ends of each stick. The notches need to be deep enough to tightly hold the string or twine.

2. Place the middle of the short stick over the long stick about 9 inches from one end of the long stick. This will form a “T” shape and will be the basis of the frame for your kite.

3. At the intersection of the sticks, use string to tie them solidly together. Tie off the string in a knot and cut off any excess. Coat the string lightly with glue to help keep the sticks stable.

4. Starting at the top of the long stick, thread string through each of the notches all the way around. Do this twice, being careful to keep the string taut. Finish at the top where you started and tie a knot but don't cut the string just yet. You’ve now created the kite’s frame.

5. Next, you’ll need to make a place to attach the flying string. This is called the bridle. Pull the knotted string back from the top and tie it off where the sticks intersect. Now, cut the string but leave a 3-inch tail.

6. Place the frame flat onto the vellum or paper, and lightly draw an outline of the kite frame using the pencil. Be sure to add an extra 3/4 inch all the way around when drawing the outline. This is called the sail. Eventually you will fold the extra paper over the string and glue it.

7. Using scissors, cut out the sail, then set the frame aside until the sail is decorated.

8. Use the paint, glitter, crayons, and markers to decorate the sail with whatever design your child imagines. When your child is finished decorating, let the sail dry for 10 minutes so the designs don’t get smeared.

9. Place the frame flat against the sail. Pour fast-drying glue onto the edges of the sail, and fold the sail’s edges over the string. Let the kite dry for 5 minutes.

10. Tie the remainder of your string to the bridle tail (the 3-inch strip you left hanging) to create a flying string. Use the crepe paper or ribbon to make a kite tail that will dance in the wind.