Mother’s Sixth Sense: Trust Your Gut

Mother’s Sixth Sense

A mother is responsible for many things, including teaching, raising, protecting, and nursing a child as they grow. But you can’t be there for him or her every second of the day. Eventually they’ll go off out into the big world, and you’ll have to trust in what you’ve taught them to keep them safe. Sometimes you may have a terrible feeling, and worry suddenly about your child. Many people will tell you that you’re just imagining things, and to continue on with your life. But the truth is, you should trust your gut. You’ll never know what you’ve missed if you don’t.


What the Sixth Sense Is

The sixth sense isn’t magical; it’s simply an emotional feeling that comes through unconsciously sifting through facts and logic given to you. You’ll feel that familiar pull that says that something’s not right, and it’s that gut feeling that you should rely on. Don’t think that you’ll be able to read minds or know with absolute faith that your gut is 100% right, but know that most of the time; you’ll be lead in the right direction.


How to Use the Sixth Sense

If there’s a twist in your stomach, then you’ll know something is wrong. Immediately try to think of where your child might be, and what might be happening. Whether they’re off at school, at practice, or simply sitting in a library studying, you should try to figure it out quickly. If you can, call them to ask them what is going on. Find some way to contact them. If they’re out of town, try to see what the news is in the area where they are.

Other times, you’ll get the same gut feeling when face to face with your child. That may be a sign that something is wrong that they’re not telling you. Try asking them a few questions, finding whatever subject it is that they avoid and focusing on that. Be sure to keep things private, because if your child has a secret that’s eating away at them, and they haven’t turned to you for help yet, then you know it’s not something they want everyone to know.


Why the Sixth Sense is Important

Sometimes, bad things happen. And unfortunately, sometimes we don’t find out until it’s too late. Having a gut feeling that something is wrong can help problems be found more quickly. It can help get your child out of a potentially abusive or destructive relationship if you can recognize the signs before they do. It may even help save your child’s life one day. If there was something wrong, but the doctors couldn’t figure it out, your gut instinct may help to save the day. It’s happened many times, what with doctors not always being able to find the problem. If your sixth sense is saying that there is something wrong, and you ask for a second look, you may save your child’s life.


Having that sixth sense is a privilege, and should be treated as such. While it may be wrong sometimes, as long as you take it seriously, you could help before anyone knows you’re even needed. In the end, it’s important to always trust your gut.