How I Lost the Baby Weight: At-Home Workouts

Once your doctor clears you for exercise, the easiest way to exercise is in your home. That’s what I did. There exercises you can do with your baby and there are others you can do close to the crib. However, every pregnancy is different, so you do need to be sure to get doctors permission to exercise. However exercise is important to keep your energy levels up, strengthen your body in prep for holding your baby for hours on end as they continue to grow, and to help keep postpartum depression at bay.

Understanding Your New Body

In order to make room for the fetus your abdominal muscles got stretched and separated. These muscles need to be strengthened to help your stomach and your core flatten out. However, doing crunches will strengthen the muscles that create the post-baby tummy pooch. Instead, focus on doing exercises that will strengthen and lengthen your whole core instead of just pieces of it. These core strengthening exercises include doing planks and twists. I love this article because it contains many creative exercises that you can do at home that are designed to whittle away at your torso. Furthermore, you should expect that any weight loss program will require doing cardiovascular exercises.

Lost the Baby Weight


To lose baby weight, you're gonna have to do cardio. Walking is one of the best ways to reintegrate your body to physical activity and/or exercise with your baby. You can walk with your child in a stroller. You can walk with your baby in a carrier strapped to your chest for added strength training. Or you can leave the baby at home with other-mom or dad and take a few minutes to yourself to enjoy your neighborhood. Walking can be your cardio of choice or it can be your gateway to jogging and other cardio activities.

Yoga or Pilates

You can easily do yoga in the home, or even next to the crib as junior takes a nap. You can follow a video or complete your own sequences. Yoga and Pilates are both great for toning your body, strengthening your core, and centering your mind.


I get bored with doing the same work outs all the time. The health and fitness section of Pinterest always has something new for me to try at home. Whether it's a free video or a photo spread, there is always something to keep me motivated and new to try. I focus on workouts that are designed to be done at home with just my body or with light weights/dumbbells.

Keep It Up!

The only way to truly take off the baby weight is through consistency. Aim for around 30 minutes of activity every day and eat your vegetables. You cannot work out or eat healthy once and expect to change your body overnight. If you eat nutritious foods and consistently remain active the baby weight will fall off without you paying much attention to it. You can do it!